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The circle on the Sochi Circuit" with Vitaly Petrov

The circle on the Sochi Circuit

During the opening ceremony of the Sochi Circuit Petrov drove on road car journalist nonf1.ru and told about the features of the route configuration, if he flew behind the wheel of a .

Petrov "After a long pit lane we go on a long straight. Limiting the pit lane, the line continues for a very long time - almost before the first turn, because the speed will be up to 320-330 km/H.

The first turn will be absolute to take place on the second pass. It is seen that it is very narrow, and in the first laps the riders will be really difficult to deal with it.

The third is a long slow turn with a slope, the car constantly blows a little. Following the long arc of the curve must also take place on the second or third gear. In principle, this is an ordinary rotation, it is not complicated. After it s small straight. At the end of the turn, which takes place on the third or fourth gear. I would not say that it is quite slow, but not very fast - it is something. Followed by a relatively long straight.

The sixth turning right, very Satigny", but to pass it will be very interesting. Here, too, use second gear.

For left him. The main thing here - it's good to slow down, to properly Park the car and as soon as possible to drown the gas pedal. The second part of the rotation can easily be done at full speed.

The next right turn you can drive in third gear, this medium-speed rotation. There is nothing difficult - I think he's ordinary. Here the important work at the exit of the turn, as he begins the long straight.

This is a very interesting piece, straight ends with a complex curve, where you have to brake during the turn. There will always be blocked wheels.

Then comes "Eska"that needs to go into second gear, and under the bridge turns, very similar to Abu Dhabi. In the left turning too negative slope, so the machine is constantly driving out.

For him "Eska"using second gear. It is necessary to go not too far, and then immediately rebuilt right - if you make a mistake, you can very much time to lose to a straight.

Behind it is the entrance to the pit lane. This is a very complex part - turn is quite steep.

Two of the last turn on - right. In principle, there's nothing complicated - this is the standard curves. But the pit lane difficult. It is not very narrow, but it will take time to find the suitable speed at the entrance".




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