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Daniel Quat I am grateful to Red Bull for this choice

Daniel Quat I am grateful to Red Bull for this choice

Less than a week had passed since that moment in the has announced the signing of a with Cuatom for the next season. In Sochi, the Russian talked about the fact that it means a transition into one of the strongest s.

Question About the with for the next season it was announced before the of Russia. There is something symbolic

Quat I Think, Yes. For me, it was a pleasant surprise. has achieved a lot to play for this is a privilege. The fact that the was announced before the of Russia - another nice fact.

Question When did you find out about the

Quat last Saturday.

Question So for you, it also was a surprise It was rumored that you can take the place of , if he will leave the .

Quat the Rumors were, but I did not give them much importance.

Question You've discussed in Sochi with other pilots

Quat Yes, we all have very good impressions. All comfortable here of the same, as in other countries of the world, nice, clean airport, convenient transportation. While we only pay attention to these things, and as for , it will be only tomorrow.

Question You have already passed the circle on the highway

Quat Yes. Though time was short, but I got a good impression. At first glance, everything looks fine, but when flying machine, it is important to find the right rhythm that I can do tomorrow.

Question the fact that is located on the territory of the Olympic Park, gives the race a special flavour

Quat Yes, the environment makes a strong impression. I believe that the Olympic objects add beauty to the circuit.

Question the Track in Sochi characteristics closer to the city

Quat Yes, it is closer to the city, something like or Abu Dhabi.

Question How Riccardo reacted to the news that next season you will be playing in the same

Quat we Have good relationship, next year we will be companions. Naturally, all riders one goal, and there is only one winner, so we will fight, but this fight will be with a smile on her face - we both love to smile laughs

Question What are the difficulties to decide on the Sochi track

Quat I still find it difficult to answer this question, but here challenging the 13th turn, before which is very hard braking after the long straight. However, how difficult it is actually, will become clear after I probuy track in fact. The last sector looks pretty winding - 'll have to work the wheel.

Question This track is suitable machines

Quat Hard to say. This year is especially difficult to make predictions based on the configuration. I think suits us, but to qualify for points, we have to compete hard.

Question You have always said that the of Russia - it's just one of the races in the calendar, but in the Formula 2.0, you have won two in . Houses and walls help

Quat If the walls will help me, I'll be glad. Nice to be back in Russia, especially because we have such a reason. To participate in the stage of in Russia, twice as nice - I feel special emotions. The only unpleasant thing is the fact that we are all in the paddock are going through because of what happened with . This is the only thing that upsets me in this weekend.

I will be glad if the race will be a lot of . I have heard that there will be almost complete. If the audience will like race, that would be great. As for me, my approach to work in the race will remain unchanged.

Question How difficult is it to beat in Sochi

Quat I Think is very freewheeling. There are long straight where you can use DRS, so I guess this weekend we will see a tight struggle. At least, here is wider than in .

Question this season Riccardo ahead of . For you it was a surprise

Quat this year I was not involved in the internal Affairs of , I don't have access to their telemetry. In the beginning of the year Sebastian had a lot of problems, obviously more than Daniel. However, the results were very tight. Some s Vettel was ahead of Daniel, but in the race Riccardo was able to come forward. It is difficult to say what Riccardo was ahead - now I am not particularly concerned.

Question have You already seen the developments of the machine next season

Quat not Yet. I just flew in from Japan. I think soon I will introduce in the course of the case.

Question Tomorrow free practice will take part Sergey Sirotkin. So you would recommend

Quat Need to do their job to act the way you do, nothing will come up and show their maximum. That's the only thing I can say, but I think he doesn't need my advice.

Question You are more likely to communicate with

Quat No, almost nothing has changed. I was told that I would perform in the , said "Welcome to the , however, until the end of season five races, I have something to fight with .

Question have You already realized the fact that the replace command four-time

Quat I was very happy when I heard this news. This is a huge opportunity, I need to use it. Some time I felt even euphoria, but it passed quickly because he had to prepare for qualifying. Then I realized that only work can bring results. I'm not going to change its approach and to relax. Victory will come only in that case I will continue to work hard.

Question From whom did you learn about the transition in the

Quat First, from Franz Toast, then from . In Japan I talked with , and he said he trusts me.

Question Your relationship with Jean-Eric will Refund has changed after it became known that you will go to

Quat We must respect Jean-Eric for the work done in recent years, because he is a very good pilot. In the end it turned out that we fought for this place in the , though we did not expect this. has made its choice, and I thank them for that.

Question have You prepared a special helmet coloration on your home . Can you tell us about this design

Quat I expressed my wishes regarding the design of the helmet. I wanted to see it the Russian coat of arms and flag, as well as the inscription "Sochi ". In front of the predominant red color - I really like this shade. In addition, this weekend we supported , so the helmet appeared sticker. Please note that my room at the top of the helmet is painted in the colors of the Russian flag. The design was developed by GMD - all pilots use it.

I'll be using this helmet in the weekend in Sochi, but the design I liked it so much that I plan to use some elements in the future.

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