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Eric Bulle it is Important that race fans liked

Eric Bulle it is Important that race fans liked

Team progresses and gradually narrowing the gap with in the Cup of designers - in front of the stage in Sochi they are separated by only one point.

Eric Bulle, race Director "the appearance in the calendar Russia - this is an important moment for , is expanding in new regions. This is a very important step for the sport, but it is equally important that the upcoming race liked.

In Sochi, the first-class circuit, is built around the sports venues that hosted this year's winter Olympic Games, and is reminiscent of a street configuration includes several 90-degree turns, which will take place at approximately the same speed.

I wonder how popular the will be this stage. The has participated in the City show, where it was always a lot of s. Would be cool if in Sochi support will be equally significant. I hope we will have a successful weekend for , and for .

Jenson button "it is Always interesting to meet new tracks to explore their features, borders, security zones - things that cannot be estimated in advance, until you arrive at the circuit. This task will be a priority for me on Thursday.

Judging from what I saw, Sochi Circuit resembles in and Korea - a lot of a long straight walled, many medium-speed turns, evaluating the efficiency of the machine.

As with any new highway, truly they are revealed only when you first leave the boxes. I have not lost my enthusiasm for travel in new places, looking forward to Friday when I can try out the new circuit.

Kevin Magnussen "the Track in Sochi reminds circuit in Abu Dhabi-direct are narrow turns, in which accuracy is important. As in Yas Marina, has no UPS and downs.

It is difficult to immediately call possible for you to pass in Sochi no serious braking or obvious places where you could stop your opponent on the inside radius. Perhaps there is a chance to attack in the 11th or 13th turn.

The new track is always interesting. As a beginner, I would like to compare myself with more experienced rivals in relatively equal terms. This should be an interesting weekend".

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