2014-10-17 14:54:02

Fong, Nissan will test with Sauber

Fong, Nissan will test with Sauber

22 and 23 October 24-year-old Chinese man, Adderly Fong, acting races and endurance, and 19-year-old Israeli Roy Nissany, finishing the second season of Euroseries Formula 3, will conduct the s" class="posttag">s in behind the wheel of the C31 two years ago. Adderly will sit behind the wheel in the first day, Roy will replace him in the second.

Adderly Fong "I am very excited to try out the C31 in , this will be my first driving , I with impatience wait."

Roy Nissany "I am delighted to get the chance to sit behind the wheel of a and will do anything to accomplish his work".




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