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Gastaldi We hope soon to confirm Grogan

Gastaldi We hope soon to confirm Grogan

Before the weekend in Austin, Deputy Director of F1 Team Federico Gastaldi answered the questions of , the press service of the .

Question you Recently announced the transition to the power plant of next season. This is the beginning of the revival

Federico Gastaldi Yes, that's our plan. We decided that we needed some changes and are very pleased to confirm this move officially. Propulsion has proven effective, we believe that they will be a key component of our future success.

This year it became obvious that their decisions are the most competitive. Together with our ideas in they will form a powerful Union - E23 Hybrid. In addition, this ship is very important for the long-term future of F1 Team.

Question Who will sit behind the wheel E23 Hybrid next season

Federico Gastaldi you Can say that Grosjean on the pole, if we talk about the contenders for a place at the wheel of the second car, but need to clarify a few more details. We hope to make an announcement in the near future. Working on a new project continues, the has good prospects.

Question Tests Esteban Okona confirm commitment to work with young talents

Federico Gastaldi it is. We have a rich tradition in this respect - in commands from Enstone got a chance , and romance.

Esteban is a member of our youth program, a very talented driver that has proved once again this year, having won a record number of victories. In the debut season of Euroseries F3 he won 15 races and won the championship title - a unique achievement given the strength of his opponents - one of them was Max Verstappen. We recognized his achievements, providing the first opportunity to get behind the wheel of a this week in , where he made an excellent impression on the s" class="posttag">s.

We hope to work with him further, as he makes his way to the top. This proves that the youth program F1 is one of the best in sports.

Question Ahead of the third race on the circuit in Austin. How do you assess and towards the in the United States

Federico Gastaldi Great track, fantastic - mainly from the United States and Mexico, but not only. Configuration is very interesting, like the s and , in addition, the USA is the main, but not yet used market for . This goes a long in the United States to be fully covered, but the F1 Team have something to offer to American of racing. We hope for a great show in Austin next weekend.

Question What do you think about the preliminary version of the calendar Next year's will return to Mexico.

Federico Gastaldi Mexico - racing country. Since the days of the brothers Rodriguez and racing Carrera Panamericana sport in their blood. I'm sure the Mexican stage of will take place with a fantastic atmosphere, because Mexicans love to race. Many of them we see in Austin, where they very clearly manifest themselves.

In Mexico, a strong economy, in there is a good economic base. I think. this race will be one of the main points the next season.

Question in Front of the three final races all thoughts are still associated with .

Federico Gastaldi Yes, all Enstone, as in the world of , are praying for him. Recently, we received the terrible news about the death of Christophe de Margerie, a close friend of the . We condole with his family members and relatives of other victims of the plane crash that took place on Monday.

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