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Gastaldi We will meet with Russian fans

Gastaldi We will meet with Russian fans

The head of the F1 Federico Gastaldi in an to the press service of the summarized of Japan and talked about goals for the race in Sochi.

Question the Track in Sochi unknown to the riders and s. What do you expect from the upcoming weekend

Federico Gastaldi Everything is waiting for a new and exciting adventure. is a global sport, and the first race in Russia will be a great experience for all of us. Most importantly, we will meet with . We need to make sure that will take a strong place in their hearts. In the championship is very good Russian rider - Quat. The from Enstone debuted the first pilot of the from Russia is our friend Petrov. It would be great to meet him again and see what he thinks about the attitude of his countrymen to this sport.

Question Russia is an important market for in the future

Federico Gastaldi Certainly. We must act in the grea country in the world. In the last twenty years, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, we saw that the country has huge potential. The rapid growth of the economy and the hosting of major sports events will lead to the fact that in the next decade there will be many new opportunities for business development. Team we are always exploring new markets and seek to expand the audience of the .

Question the Track is located in the Olympic Park, and the and the Olympic games two of the biggest sporting events in the world. Do you think the championship will soon appear more similar stages

Federico Gastaldi Between the Olympic games and are the Parallels, because they attract large companies and s. This is only for the benefit of the championship. In there are many attractive to large companies. New technologies and the efficiency of the machines in this season are exciting prospects, so we need to promote . Ultimately, I believe that we have a strong relationship with the Olympic movement, because we race in Montreal and , where in 1976 and 1992, the years of the Olympic games were held. So we already have a similar heritage.

Question How do you assess weekend in Suzuka

Federico Gastaldi For all Japanese weekend was difficult because of the accident with . The wishes him all the best in the coming days and weeks, we all hope for a positive outcome.

It is difficult to draw conclusions about the efficiency of the machine because the race took place in difficult conditions. I must say that both drivers performed well, especially considering the fact that due to spray the visibility was low. On the other hand, we could earn points, but the finish is two machines in such a complex environment can be considered a positive result.

Question How do you assess the decision of the production car safety and the appearance of red flags during the race

Federico Gastaldi This is a fairly difficult job, but in hindsight that any of us looks expert. I must say, given the progress of the race, all decisions about the release of the safety car were correct. From the outset it was clear that on the road too much water, so it was the right decision to leave the safety car for a few laps. Then, when it ed to again, the race was stopped by the red flag after the accident. We should learn from such a serious incident, but in General, I believe that the race direction has performed well in a very difficult and arduous conditions.

Question How is the preparation for

Federico Gastaldi We are doing a lot in preparation for the next season, and it's positive. However, I continue to insist that we still have opportunities to earn points this year. We should focus on achieving this goal, but hard to prepare for the new season. The is working to return to the high position. In Enstone all focused on achieving this goal.

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