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Gene Haas Formula 1 may become my main project

Gene Haas Formula 1 may become my main project

At the of the season , 2016 must leave the U.S. Haas F1, preparing to debut a long time go fast. In an with the Charlotte Observer gene Haas stated that the first machine should be ready in late November of next year.

Question How do you hire people for a , than draw them in Charlotte

Gene Haas We have not yet ed to hire people. The first thing we did was concluded agreements with the best s. It took us six months to negotiate with . Once we understood this, many of the elements of the puzzle fell into place.

Question In , you desire to make a base in the U.S. believe, at least, strange

Gene Haas They're all weird. However, the scattered around the world. There is a that runs from the Italian the Russian from the UK , the base of which is in Switzerland two s , located in the UK and Italy.

Question a Little over a year ago you put at the of the fourth in the Sprint Cup Series in NASCAR. The current task is more difficult It requires more time and effort

Gene Haas I participated in both projects is approximately equally, because I have other people who do most of the hard work and make all the parts work together. component is very important part of my business, but I do it every day. It all boils down to, to invite the right people. We have gnter Steiner - he leads the and, in fact, it is his task is to find a way to put everything together.

Question At what stage is the search for the riders

Gene Haas While we are not looking for riders. The season of navigation in the is only now beginning, to the end of the year not understand how the situation would develop. We will pick up pilots in may or June, and over the next three months will understand who have no .

Question would you Like to sign a with the American

Gene Haas American will help to attract the attention of the press and . This is the end goal - in the American must play American , but first we will sign a with at least one experienced rider. With the second pilot more options. Perhaps we will invite promising young .

Question Do you not wish to abandon this idea

Gene Haas In fact, the further I walk, the more everyone understands. I think it makes sense both from a business perspective, and in terms of racing. I participated in the project successful NASCAR . I have a lot of experience in this field. We have a wind tunnel, where we can the model of the machine. I have a successful business in the manufacturing sector. All of this allows me to say that is the natural step, which may become my main project.

Question do You believe that you have to see the cars on , in order to overcome the skepticism of those who doubts

Gene Haas You Can. There are good reasons to doubt. This is a serious project. All expect that we will fail. This is a natural skepticism. But it is human nature to question things, yet he will not see it with my own eyes. I'll believe it when you see it for yourself laughs.

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