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Interview readers Sergio Perez

Interview readers Sergio Perez

This year in category "Interview with readers you can ask questions to the s. In they replied Quat, in , Niko Hulkenberg, - , - Valtteri Bottas in , Jenson button, in - Riccardo, in Milwaukee - Mikhail Aleshin, - Jean-Eric Verne, in - Massa in Singapore - Pastor Maldonado.

In Sochi on the readers ' questions nonf1.ru replied .

Question Zail Sadoyan, Novosibirsk Sergio, on behalf of all of your fan club in Russia I send greetings What would you like to say to your Russian

First of all, thank you very much for such an organization, it's nice to know that I've got a fan club. I am very glad that we came here, in Russia. I like country people. Very friendly, which, frankly, I didn't expect. I came here for the first time and have already noticed that I recognized on the streets. This was a very pleasant surprise.

Question Ivan, Togliatti What Russian words do you know

Yes. I know one thing. But I forgot. after a long pause I knew how to say in Russian, "good", but forgot.

Question DimaF, Kotelniki Sergio, what are your first impressions of Russia How do you like our girls and if you enjoy the food

About food, to be honest, I almost have nothing to say. I had not much chance to try local dishes. During race weekends we must adhere to a strict diet, but on Wednesday we were in the mountains and I tried one traditional dish of beef in the restaurant.

Girls. I Have no words. The most beautiful in the world Maybe even better than in Mexico. Although there. At least very close laughs.

The question Ignatiev, Samara You were in the same with Petrov in . What you did he learn

Yes. When I moved in , he was already very experienced, and I was able to learn from him. We spent time together, became friends. He is an excellent pilot. It is a pity that he is not already in the . I think it's a loss for the championship.

Question Evgeny, is it True that you are now working physical therapist that worked before and with Petrov

Yes Cave. Here he addresses the physiotherapist cave Let's get a picture with you for the article.

Question Arthur Adler Sochi hosted a match with the participation of drivers. You, unlike other s, played two halves. So much love

I love . It's my second passion. I like to play, to watch. Me in Sochi, have given the prize as the best player of the match. I always try to arrive when the pilots play . But sometimes sponsored event is not allowed to take part in such matches.

Question Nikita, Saratov last summer hosted the world Cup in Brazil. Among the participating countries was Mexico. Watched you for the performance of his

Yes, of course. I think the Dutch are very lucky with that penalty in the 1/8 finals There was no penalty

Question Eugene, Chernogolovka What is your favorite

In Mexico - America. In Europe I support real Madrid. I am a big fan Chicharito Mexican er - Approx. as amended. Honestly, I did not like "real". Moreover, in in I always was rooting for , but when Chicharito moved to Madrid, I became sick and this too. We know he was born in the same city as me.

Question Anton, Nizhny Novgorod In the past, the pilots of had to work with a manual transmission, with three pedals. Now this is no longer there, but you have to deal with numerous switches on the steering wheel. How in your opinion, who are harder - to your predecessors or you

I think it's equally difficult. Now the machine is very high-tech, they are a vast number of different systems. has always been a very complex and unique in all areas, and control of the machines has never been easy.

Question Ludmila, Tula You said that Hulkenberg is your strongest in F1. What is he so good

Niko very fast in s. He constantly brings the result to the finish. It is very difficult to win. I would have made him one of the best pilots in modern .

Question Sergey, St. Petersburg How hard are you a Mexican, had in Berlin after moving

Very hard. Personally for me it was especially difficult because I was only 15 years old. I had to leave everything. Family, friends, school. I have lived in Berlin for only a year, and then moved to a small village near Munich and lived there for another year.

Question Stepan, Sergio, You were born in Guadalajara, one of the largest cities in Mexico. What advice would you give me as a tourist to see in your hometown

First of all in the neighborhood ought to go to see our girls. They are very beautiful. Also try the dish "cake of ahogada". You can go to the best shopping center of Mexico - it is in Guadalajara, the largest in the country. Many places. Come.

Question Andrew, Chelyabinsk In one of your s for readers nonf1.ru when you have just ed to compete in the , you said that after graduating from career planning to return to live in Mexico. You been living in Europe, have not changed your plans

Yes, nothing has changed. I will go back to the neighborhood, and I live an ordinary life, when you finish his career. Mexico is my home, my friends, my family. When I get married, I'm going to live with his wife in Guadalajara.

Question Svetlana, Kursk do you See yourself in the paddock after the end of your career And if Yes, in what capacity

No, I don't think so. Now I'm pretty sure that as soon as you end my career, immediately move back to Mexico. But you never know what might happen in the future. I'm only 24, I hope, I have yet to come at least ten years in . During this time you a lot to think about. But now I think I will return home.

Question Reznik, Volgograd how Often do you remember the of , when nearly won

Honestly, Yes. I often return in thought to this race. This was probably my best chance to win. Maybe in this season I also had a chance to win, but there were problems with the brakes. But what happened happened.

Question Igor, Yerevan Tell us about your charity.

We ed it in . He's already big enough, I'm glad we have the chance to help many children. We're at the end of each year, hold an , raising funds. Everything develops. I love to work on this project.

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