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James Allen about possible tactics teams in Grand Prix Russia

James Allen about possible tactics teams in Grand Prix Russia

On the eve of the 16th stage of the season, the British journalist talks about possible tactics s in Sochi.

Sochi Track is a new track built in the Olympic Park that hosted the winter Olympic Games . It's a street track, somewhat reminiscent of Singapore or , but with more high-speed sections and curious protracted left turn at the first sector, where large load on the right front tire.

The circle is the third longest in the season, this indicator Sochi second only and , the configuration includes 18 turns and 12 zone of inhibition is almost perfect for energy recovery. In the era of V8 s, the fuel consumption would be high enough, but the new power plant will easily fit into the limit of 100 kg of fuel for the race.

Without lingering left turn could be talking about a relatively average tire wear, but it is on Friday the will try to gather maximum information to understand how well the behavior of cars on a real track meet their calculations and what distance the race will withstand the tires, especially the front right tire.

For the sixth time during the season, the will offer s the "average" couple of ts - Medium and Soft, relying on two pit stop in the race. The question is whether this strategy is the fas, provided that for each standard pit stop will take about 21 seconds. Check in the boxes rather tricky, so this factor requires clarification.

Two zones DRS will provide s two possibilities for overtaking on each circle with two lines, before the second and the 13th turns.

Features tracks

Sochi. 53 circle on 5853 m 309.732 km 18 turns. Aerodynamics is configured at a high level of clamping force.

The maximum speed of 320 km/h, the average speed of 200 km/h With a fully depressed accelerator pedal riders passing for 56 of the distance of the circle. Time for braking - 10 range. 12 zones of inhibition. Brake wear is medium.

The balance of power

Russia - 16th stage of the world Cup. rs has won 12 of 15 last . won eight victories, Rosberg - four. This weekend the can advance to win the Cup of designers for the first time since 1955.

Weather forecast

Weather in Sochi is relatively warm and stable, on race day, it should be around +20C. Nights are , as in Austin, so that the first and third ting will be held in several other conditions.

It is important not to miss the moment when the asphalt temperature on Sunday will to fall, because the race s relatively late - in 15 hours local time.

Tires and other factors

In chose the compositions of the Soft yellow markings and Medium white markings - this year, this combination has been used five times.

Asphalt in Sochi mildly abrasive, but since it is new, the surface will be oils - this is normal, but at first the machine will slide. In winter, these oils will leave next year grip will improve. On the road quite a lot of acceleration, therefore, possible degradation of the rear tyres due to longitudinal loads.

One of the key factors in developing the strategy of the race - the difference between the compositions according to the time of the lap. When was the last time you used a pair of Medium - Soft, it was in the of Belgium, softer tires were faster at 1.6 seconds and became the main race of the race. At a longer range in the , they withstood 16 laps in Sochi must be able to withstand more.

The condition of the road during the weekend will improve dramatically. On Friday the stronger grip the car to , and then will gradually reduce downforce. On Friday, the difference between the compositions may exceed two seconds, so in the second session many people may ref from traveling in the first half of the session to pass a series of laps on the soft compound tyre at the moment when condition will improve.

The number and the probable time of pit-stops

In Sochi is very tricky-in boxes, but the simulation says that the pit stop will take about 17.5 seconds plus the service time of the machine. It is difficult to judge about the tire wear, probably, the race will take place with two or three pit stops.

The probability of driving safety

Stages of in Sochi Circuit has not yet been conducted, there are no statistics, but after the accident in Suzuka can more closely approach the decision to exit the vehicle security if incidental, moreover, that in some areas the trail is surrounded by barriers, which complicates surgical evacuation of cars. As a result, the probability of driving safety on Sunday is very high.

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