2014-10-09 21:44:02

Jean-Eric Verne I'm going to hunt for Jules

Jean-Eric Verne I'm going to hunt for Jules

Severe accident consequences in Suzuka became the main topic for discussion before the weekend in Sochi. r Jean-Eric Verne said on Thursday that it will participate in the race for Jules.

Jean-Eric Verne "You may be wondering - what's the point of fighting with each other this weekend, the battle for the last possible point, for an extra tenths The only answer I have found is I have to do this for Jules. I speak not for myself this weekend, not for the - I'm going to hunt for him.

It gives me the strength and desire. We are professional s, it's our job, on which we focus. I want to spend a fantastic weekend for him. I will try your best, and that's all I can do.

In the last twenty years in the has made great strides in improving security, but a car is not able to withstand a collision with a tractor. I think we just don't need to chase, when there are these tractors. Yes, the yellow flags were obliged us to go slower, we dropped two seconds, but the at the moment intensified".




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