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Kaltenborn things are slowly starting to improve

Kaltenborn things are slowly starting to improve

spends his worst season in for the three races before the end of the championship on her account no points. However, the head of the Swiss Moniz, Kaltenborn no doubt that in the future the situation has changed for the better.

Question We could call this the most difficult season for all your work in this

Moniz, Kaltenborn I'd say he's the worst Look at the position which we occupied, we do not have any points. The before the season, when the for quite a long time was on the last or next to last place in the Cup of designers, but I am willing to admit that it is difficult to do something no points, which is associated with a number of situations where we were not able to influence circumstances. So, I agree, this is our worst season.

Question What do you as the leader of the can make the believe next season will be better

Moniz, Kaltenborn First of all, I must say that our over the years not much has changed. Not to say that it remains the same as 40 years ago, but there are still many employees who were here back in those days, when debut in in 1993. They have seen a lot, witnessed and successes, and failures, and understand, what we do is difficult, especially when you consider that our is private.

I'm just trying to give them hope and faith and try to show that whatever the results, together we can improve the situation. She is slowly ing to improve, and it's the only way to maintain a cohesive .

Question How important is it for to go into 9th place in the Cup of designers, if we talk about the next season What will be the consequences if you fail

Moniz, Kaltenborn First of all, we need to talk about the psychological attitude if we succeed, we will be able to overcome the disappointment that already, of course, felt, and spirit will rise up. Of course, it will also help to improve our finances, because you're looking at millions and a lot of money. In General, this would be a positive signal for the and would help move towards improvement.

Question are You not surprised that so much time has passed and you still earn points When got their first points in , you probably thought "Nothing, it's unlikely for us to significantly affect"

Moniz, Kaltenborn well, we knew that we would have a hard time, but I did not expect that the will be in such a difficult position. We had several chances, and for different reasons to use them failed. After we made mistakes, and not once, but, in my opinion, in the last few races we looked better already.

Now we can't promise that they will be able to earn points on their own. The best we can, given the capabilities of our machines, is leaving at the of the race, try not to make mistakes, and if possible, take advantage of it.

Question If you go back to the economic consequences, you are not just quite frankly spoke on the topic situation, which was the , and in General about the direction of development of . Don't you think that a larger , and the not really listen to your warnings

Moniz, Kaltenborn I have No doubt that listen, but now it is actually important not to listen, and to do something. In my opinion, the main thing now missing is some common ground. Before the picture was different. More recently, we have been factory , and together with other similar s watched that were not infringed upon the interests of other participants of the championship, have more limited opportunities.

Today we were in a different role. But even before the period of cooperation with , our was average, while remaining private, so we went in different situations. Compared to those times now not even the minimum conditions for agreement for cooperation. I don't think valid today such statements that "if you can't afford to compete in the , don't do it". Because all commands, no matter what part of the peloton as they were, had invested serious money to get the chance to play in the championship at this level.

And you cannot give an argument that in the last 20-30 years many s have left the championship, so the current situation is no different. Then was a completely different situation. In those years in the League were mainly private s, people come, just because I wanted to race, so such a comparison would be incorrect.

Thanks to the owner of the commercial rights of the championship, who brought at such a high level, we are also at this level, so you need to try to find good examples from other sports, comparable to ours, and try to find a mutually acceptable solution. We must save all the commands we need this diversity, because that is what makes F1 what it is.

Question How many s do you think are in a good financial position

Moniz, Kaltenborn I don't think much.

Question Some s are willing to talk about this issue, but some prefer to remain silent, and you believe that the situation is worse than it seems The average fan sees that on Sundays, as usual, races, and thinks that everything is in order.

Moniz, Kaltenborn I don't think everything is in order. I guess there are people who would like to think so, but actually the situation is abnormal. Bad if we have to wait, unless there is a really dramatic event before you respond.

What are the 's financial situation, good or bad, it is very difficult to judge, even if we talk about the factory s. Not so long ago, the was also such a status, and financial support we have received from the maker. But the race for the maker were not the primary business, so financially it was necessary to enter in his plans. And no one wrote us checks and did not say "Spend as you wish". All our expenses were within , and we had to stick with it, and if needed additional amounts needed to clearly explain what they will be. And there was no guarantee that we will get the money.

So in those days we were very dependent on makers, and you remember what happened when they decided to leave . I think we should be very careful assessments of the financial condition of the commands.

Question In this context, how realistic do you think the prospect that some s will have to put at the of the three machines

Moniz, Kaltenborn it's Hard to say how realistic is it because we have no reliable information about all the s, but, in my opinion, the priority for now should be one thing we need to keep those s that are in the . Should stay this diversity, and we must act very carefully before you attempt to change the system. We quite often held discussions on a third machine, this is nothing new to , but every time we quickly found themselves in a situation where it became clear that to implement such a plan will be extremely difficult.

How to decide what commands to give a third machine Perhaps this is the simplest of problems, but more important thing how to work with this third machine What impact this will have on the scoring system, who will sit behind the wheel of a third machine, how to prevent undesirable consequences of the presence of this car on during the race

And imagine what might be the consequences, if the season will emerge as this year. How should it look if the is clearly dominating in the championship, will have three cars If we consider that the benefit is primarily due to the capabilities of the power plant, then the following three places will take the with the same s - here are the first six positions are occupied. If you are weaker, you are guaranteed a place in the tail. How will react So you need to be very very careful before you decide on such changes.

Question How confident are you that next year will be released at the of the championship, and will be in a better position than it is now

Moniz, Kaltenborn We believe that next year will continue to compete in the , and our form will certainly be better.

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