2014-10-09 20:44:02

Kimi Raikkonen the Circuit looks pretty good

Kimi Raikkonen the Circuit looks pretty good

On the eve of the first of Russia Raikkonen shared his impressions from the circuit and answered questions about the accident in Suzuka.

Raikkonen "I don't want to comment on something, let me just say that now my thoughts, as thoughts of the whole , with the family of Jules. It's pointless to discuss something interesting - the accident was the result of a very unfortunate set of circumstances, and although no one wanted this to happen, in sport anything can go wrong.

We will try to have a good race. I visited , everything looks very good, including the surrounding area. I am pleasantly surprised, this is one of the most beautiful places we have been. But to understand how good itself, will have to wait until tomorrow. Perhaps at first be a bit slippery.

Of course, I feel I am very close to Finland, I came here from there. It is good that we have a race in Russia. Hopefully, there will come a lot of , and we will be able to show them a good show. In the past I've been in Russia for promotional events, local are passionate about racing and cars. Let's wait and see how many s will be.

Until the end of the season only four races, each of them we consider separately. It was a difficult year, with many disappointments, but I am absolutely sure that in the future we will be able to change the situation for the better, will be where it should be - we will fight in the front ranks. This year for the title fight only two guys, interesting to see how it will end".




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