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Lewis Hamilton My results speak for themselves

Lewis Hamilton My results speak for themselves

Talking to reporters in the paddock "Sochi Circuit" is commendable said about the new Russian track and stressed that talks with about the future.

Question What can you say about your emotional state after the events of the past weekend, because you are tense fight for the title As you now difficult

it is not Easy, that's for sure. A very strange feeling we are here giving s, discussing what happened on Sunday, but last week we talked about how we have an interesting championship, how cool are the , but this weekend the mood has changed, and our thoughts about each other.

However, we for the first time in Russia is huge, amazing country. Yesterday I was in and what I saw made me a very strong impression. And what I see here, very on not like. Somehow I didn't think that in Russia there are mountains. Movies I know that in this country it is , there's a beautiful woman, vodka and a lot of laughs But in Sochi, the weather is beautiful, and very pleased that here we have been given a wonderful reception. and the Olympics is a very important event for Russia.

Question How would you comment on configuration

I have seen so far on so much. I only worked on the simulator, but now met with the infrastructure of the circuit - this is fiction and in no way inferior to any one of the new tracks, which I had seen before. The configuration I found it interesting, but a more complete impression I can make tomorrow, when we will get to work on . By nature she is medium, closer to fast, and I think we can expect numerous overtaking.

Question is it Possible there was a third bend to go at full throttle on the simulator

Almost. But on the simulator, any rotation can pass "on the floor", but I don't think it will be possible in reality The track condition will be significantly changed during the weekend, will change the adhesion to the asphalt, but the third turn pretty quick, and we got a good machine, so it can be held by pressing the gas pedal three quarters.

Question After what happened in , mood Rosberg has significantly changed, and what has changed for you Now a lot of assumptions about how you will develop your career in the future.

to be honest, while I don't think too much about such things. Now it is important to fully concentrate on the League, but I really was surprised how much has changed Niko, and very happy for him. Now I can think only about the race, about how to achieve better results. Season like this in my career. I Think it's an interesting time for the the best riders changing s, but going around and a lot of , we hear all kinds of silly stories - it is unclear who all it distributes.

I always clearly stated I have a with until the end of next year, we are already in and at the end of the season will discuss further plans. I absolutely calm, but I know that there are people who are trying to intervene in the situation. I can only continue to do their work and believe that my results speak for themselves.

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