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Manfredi Ravetto the Team prepares a pleasant surprise

Manfredi Ravetto the Team prepares a pleasant surprise

The head of Caterham F1 Manfredi Ravetto in an to the press service announced stage in Sochi, told about the situation in the and made a forecast for the remainder of the race.

Question What do you think about the last of Russia

Manfredi Ravetto Sochi is a place definitely worth a visit. We enjoyed the race and what brought in Russia. The weekend turned out to be fantastic, the atmosphere was breathtaking, and the circuit is of the highest standards.

Question What is the situation in the Caterham

Manfredi Ravetto Knowing that the under the previous owners, almost ceased to exist before the British , we, the new managers are not only proud of the fact that completed the European half of the season, but Asian This gives us confidence that our approach in the last three races of the season, in America and the middle East, will give the an extra incentive. The speed of the machine is steadily growing, and the results of in Sochi brought us to a level that in the past the has hardly been reached.

We on the rise and continue the daily struggle, even despite some negative comments and skepticism of individuals who would be glad to failure. We can live with it, we have no problems - we respond facts technical progress of the machine and the stabilization of the financial situation of the . We want to remind everyone that you have the courage not to escape from problems, and will not leave the in a critical situation I can relate to all statements except those that we give up. By the way, historically, that contrary to the we achieve some success.

Question it Seems necessary to clarify the cause retiring in Sochi .

Manfredi Ravetto actually, I was surprised when I heard statements Kamui on the subject of what he had to go to save the resource of the machine. We saw on telemetry data, that there is a risk of problems with the brakes. Then Kamui confirmed that it was the right decision. I want to add that before he asked the to change brake set, because I felt vibration.

I want to clarify the situation we decided to remove him from a distance, because the safety of the pilots is our main priority As for the comments Kamui, all I can say, and I again rely on the facts, since the British is constantly progressing. In the two previous races we are very well qualified, as he neared the exit of the second part. In Suzuka command already for the next session restored the badly damaged car Kamui, so I don't understand his criticism.

Question What is the position of the on "freezing" s

Manfredi Ravetto We will answer this question when you receive a request from the .

Question What do you expect from the final three races of the season

Manfredi Ravetto we know that We have to overcome difficulties, but will solve problems as they arise. In order to avoid misunderstandings, I want to add that our base will remain in Lipide, although it is no secret that we are looking for a more suitable alternative. We look forward to the final three races of the season the will continue to struggle, progress, and prepares a pleasant surprise - so stay tuned

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