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Nico Rosberg I don't think about the past, I live this

Nico Rosberg I don't think about the past, I live this

Four races before the end of the season, Rosberg inferior companion ten points, but the focus is on the fight for the title difficult after the events of the of Japan. In Sochi, the German spoke about his attitude and appeared in Suzuka problems.

Question After what happened in Suzuka difficult to concentrate on the fight for the title

Rosberg of Course, I am shocked by the incident. Here it all s again, meet different people that are close to Jules more than I do. It's difficult, but it is necessary to carry out their work. Sitting behind the wheel and lowering the visor, I have to leave everything aside, and shut off all thoughts and emotions, focusing on the work. That is what I will try to make this weekend.

Question How do you explain that s tend to struggle on the road and to do their work, knowing about the existing danger

Rosberg Interesting question. You just have to not think about it, once behind the wheel. I'm doing it.

Question You are easier, because you grew up in a family of

Rosberg I don't think it makes any difference.

Question for Example, Coulthard spoke with parents, preparing them to such incidents. Since you are from a racing family, all already know about this.

Rosberg Yeah, but I can't answer this question. I don't think it plays any role. For my own awareness of the dangers of not.

Question have You already seen configuration You liked it

Rosberg It is much like . I think this is a good track, and I'm sure that everything will be okay. Apparently, on a long straight, you can overtake, and therefore, the race will be interesting. Everything should be in order.

Question do You think inevitable that sooner or later the s will be closed

Rosberg We are discussing this option for many years. To increase the security level is not easy, otherwise the s would have long since closed. It is an ongoing process of analysis and revaluation of the sport, trying to make it safer in all aspects.

Q Lewis, won several victories in a row. You pay attention to it, or is it just statistics

Rosberg It's not the issue that I thought would last several weeks. I don't think about it and believe that if successfully cope with their work, you will win on Sunday. I don't dwell on the past - I live in the present

Question do You analyze the race in Suzuka Managed to find an explanation for lagging behind Lewis

Rosberg Yeah. We picked up not quite right setup, but it does not matter that we have not done their job, and that because of the unpredictable conditions we for the entire weekend were not able to be prepared.

The prepares for the race, tunes the car for qualifying, and then it ed. We knew he was coming, so he was not a surprise to us, but we did not expect that the balance of the car will change that way. Rain machine lost stability, there were serious problems with the excessive maneuverability. In result I have a much stronger wore rubber than, for example, - they looked much better on intermediate tyres, which is very unusual.

The only conclusion to which I come - my is much better familiar with the change in the balance than I do. I lacked confidence in the car and in Suzuka, it is extremely important. As a result, I was not able to give.

Question has called on the to review the rules evacuation of the damaged machine. What are you going to do s

Rosberg we have the Association of the , have a lot to discuss. Its Chairman recently became Wurz - we are fortunate to work with him, he coped with his task. We will meet tomorrow night to discuss further steps and measures necessary to improve the safety of the sport.

Question is There some ready-made ideas

Rosberg Yeah, but I don't want to disclose details.

Question After the accident, has been a lot of questions to the wreckers. Do you think that something needs to change in this area

Rosberg we Should analyze everything. The sport must continue revaluation of values. Not to say that you need to pay attention to some separate region. This is not something new in the constantly analyze every aspect that you can do better. On this, we need to focus. I don't want to talk about something in detail, because first you need to assess the whole situation.

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