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Nico Rosberg We have the advantage on any track

Nico Rosberg We have the advantage on any track

In an with the official website of Rosberg told about what qualities should help him to win the title, and what will be its approach to the four remaining races of the season.

Q Nico, you said that the title will win the one who will keep calm. How are things with your composure now, after two difficult races

Rosberg I really said that I don't think. The main thing is stability, from the first to the last race of the season. Over it I try to work hard to win. There are still four races, the gap is small, you just need to do it.

Question Lewis won eight races and you are only four, but you yield only 10 points. This proves how important stability, but also gives you hope

Rosberg I don't think about the past, I concentrate on the current moment. As I just said, there are still four races, the gap is small, everything can happen, anything. Need to work on these four .

Question do You change your approach in these final races

Rosberg No, I'll still go to , including here in Sochi, to try to win the race. I'm not going to try just to earn points or to do something similar.

Question that is, there is no strategic approach All or nothing

Rosberg victory

Q You won the pole in Japan, but failed to win. Can you tell us about the race, about the emotions that he experienced on the road

Rosberg intermediate tyres have problems. Our was incorrect settings for intermediate tyres - tires wore out quickly. Machine were faster than us. There is a strong oversteer, in my opinion, I had more problems than my companion.

It was very difficult to find the balance, I felt uncomfortable in the car. The rear of the machine has lost stability, and on a track like Suzuka, it's very frustrating. I couldn't fly the way I like it. We were not ready for it, because the during the weekend went for the first time. But what happened is what happened.

Question were You disappointed

Rosberg Immediately after the race - no, I was not thinking about the result and about the accident Bianchi. But now, in hindsight - Yes, I'm disappointed.

Question You fought with Hamilton and many other s of , when you were a teenager. Do you have a feeling of "deja vu"

Rosberg Yeah, it's weird. Fifteen years ago, together with Lewis were on vacation in Greece, and said "Imagine that one day we will fight for the title of best in against each other". And now it is doing that. It's incredible

Question You then foresaw, how difficult would this fight

Rosberg Then, too, it was difficult, but now the fight more intense.

Question But to fight the same opponent or opponents year after year.

Rosberg No, it's an interesting challenge.

Question ideally, the champion of such notable sports like , must have the quality of real stars. What is your "quality of this star

Rosberg to Be a unique person. To be able to compare ourselves with others - if you're a real star, you always have your own opinion.

Question What is the situation in the Is it possible to avoid separation into two camps - or is it an inevitable part of the internal fight

Rosberg it could happen, of course. But in our , effective leadership, and they know that this should not happen - it will be the beginning of the end. The must remain United, the only way you can dominate for a long time. The whole feels it.

Question do You grow vegetables. Watching how they grow, serves as a contrast to the hectic life of an F1 driver

Rosberg No, I don't need such a contrast. I just like to live a healthy life. My wife Vivian is an excellent cook and it's so nice to go with her to the garden to choose what you want, and cook incredible food from self-grown products.

Question On the road to Sochi nobody spoke. How do you prepared

Rosberg simulator, like most of my colleagues. I walked along the road, that's all.

Question what is Your impression of

Rosberg It's Good. A bit like , at the end of the long straight, you can overtake. The race will be interesting.

Question will there track cars

Rosberg I Think now we have the advantage on every track, so no matter where we are. But, of course, long straight is always a good thing laughs

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