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Niko Hulkenberg about the accident Bianchi and the track in Sochi

Niko Hulkenberg about the accident Bianchi and the track in Sochi

Before the weekend in Sochi Niko Hulkenberg talked about the accident in Suzuka and first impressions from the circuit in Sochi.

Q Nico, what conclusions pilots Association made after the accident

Niko Hulkenberg you Need to learn how to come together all these specific circumstances of the accident. I really think it's a coincidence. The Jules are very unlucky.

Question How do you keep connected

Niko Hulkenberg Riders exchanged e-mail addresses. Now we all must wait for investigation.

Question What were the conditions in the seventh rotation in the time of the accident

Niko Hulkenberg This is a tricky turn. It is easy to make a mistake, especially on machines of this generation, as they quickly wear out the rear tires.

Question On the place of the accident were yellow flags - however, the incident has occurred. Stricter speed limits in areas of accident could help

Niko Hulkenberg This is one of the possible options that we will consider. Technically this is not a problem.

Question What do you expect from this weekend

Niko Hulkenberg Hard to say, until I drove along a single circle. I don't even worked on it on the simulator. Externally, reminds me of - here too a lot medium speed turns. How we will be competitive is still hard to say.

Question How are you preparing for the race, if not using the simulator

Niko Hulkenberg the same as before go out of the boxes and look at .

Question so you have not studied the video and computer games

Niko Hulkenberg No. Earlier too, all of these is not used, there were no simulators, you just went to and tried to remember everything. In the Formula 3 and are all arranged just so.

Question What is the place on you would be noted

Niko Hulkenberg the Second turn is preceded by a very long straight. And, of course, it should be noted infinite left turn around the Olympic area. Everything looks very neat, but will track the rhythm - we'll see.

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