2014-10-08 16:24:02

Remy Taffin about the features of the track in Sochi

Remy Taffin about the features of the track in Sochi

Chief er Sport F1 Remy Tiffen told about the peculiarities of the preparation of the power plant to the first of Russia on a new track in Sochi.

Remy Taffin " in Sochi will be held for the first time, but the configuration of this circuit is very similar to the route that we had visited in the past or this season. The grea similarity he has with Singapore or street race in , where we played from to is the fas street-legal track with sharp turns.

According to our calculations, the average speeds of around 200 km/h, and approximately 56 of the lap, the riders will pass with a fully depressed accelerator pedal, which is significantly higher than traditional street tracks.

Long range begins with a short segment where the is running at full throttle. Starting direct transfers into the right turn, where pilots will retain a high speed to the point of braking before the second turn - in total for 14 seconds. This is a very demanding place for and turbine, but on there is only one place where they are subjected to the same loads - the area between 10 and 13 turns.

The second sector consists of rectangular turns and short straight, which MGU-K has the ability to store energy. The point of the most severe deceleration are two turns around the Olympic venues, the second and the fourth, where the machines lose 100 km/h and braking lasts 2.5 seconds. Similar places there and in the second half of the route - for example, the 13th turn where the speed drops to 85 km/H. This complicates the task of riders, but gives a chance for overtaking.

Although new routes require more extensive ting, we were able to effectively work with data from other routes with similar characteristics. He really helped us, for example, that we recently held the race in Singapore, where has the same combination of steep turns and straight. Therefore, we believe that our power plant will be here to look good, such a configuration is suitable Energy F1-. As we saw in Singapore, the distance will be small, so the race must pass interesting."




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