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Riccardo Upset by the lack of victories is naturally

Riccardo Upset by the lack of victories is naturally

On Thursday before the of Russia in the paddock discussed the events of the last racing weekend leaving and accident in Suzuka. Riccardo answered the ' questions in a group .

Question What do you think about the care of and joining quata

Riccardo I was ready for any developments. I was waiting for that Sebastian will either remain or leave the , therefore, was not shocked by his resignation. He won four titles in , now it had a new perspective. He needs a new challenge, a new motivation. I look at it this way.

As for joining in the decided to go to the same risk that a year ago, signing a with me. I think I did a good job. Of course, a little less experience, but they believe in him as well as me. It was time for him to step forward, and I will try to complicate his life on the road. We get along fine with him, we've got no problem.

Question This season has been one of the worst in the career of and one of the best for you, while you are flying the same machine. Have you noticed the change in his mood during the season

Riccardo Honestly, not really. His attitude toward me is not izmenilis, he was always honest and respectful, including after my first victory.

He would also like to win the race this year. Perhaps in his heart he feels frustrated, but this is not shown. When the mate wins in the race, and you don't, the disappointment is always there - it's natural. To his credit I must say, he has not brought his displeasure at me or the . It is perfectly all controls.

Question said earlier that you will not use tactics. Now Sebastian has lost all chances to win the title. What do you expect from a in a situation where he will be in front and behind you

Riccardo I think the situation that occurred last Sunday, can be repeated, and if there is no risk of losing more than one position, the can use tactics.

Honestly, I have not spoken on this subject with Christian and the . Sebastian lost a mathematical chance, and if I continue to fight, then maybe some action will be taken. However, I have already said - do not rely on luck.

I had never experienced tactics. It seems to me that it cannot be used at the beginning of the race, because at the can happen, anything. If you are someone pass, you can stay ahead of their competitors. It seems to me, we will fight on , and by the end of the first segment, the will analyze and understand how to proceed. I haven't discussed it with the guys. 'll see.

Question What emotions are you experiencing before this race

Riccardo the Week was difficult. I know 2007. When I first came to Europe, he became one of the first people I became friends. The realization that he Tzelem condition, breaks my heart. We all hope for good news. That's all you can do.

We were in a hopeless situation, and I don't like. I would love to turn back time. It was a heavy blow for many of us, and the most difficult to cope with his family. Can't imagine what they feel now. I constantly think about them.

I always said that Jules incredibly fast and ever will fight for the leadership. He's from my generation. We raced together, ing with Formula 3. He was one of the fas in the race and kept his speed in formulas.

Question analyze measures to increase security. In your opinion what should be done

Riccardo Now everything is still fresh in memory and I don't have any concrete proposals. Sure, after some time we all have ideas. And we will discuss them at meetings of the Union , because there we are talking about it security. You need to analyze what has happened and to choose the best solution to avoid such situations in the future.

Question Tow trucks take one of the first places in the list of discussions, it is believed that the crane behind the barrier could do the same job.

Riccardo Yes, on this topic of many conversations. This incident has revealed several issues that need to be discussed. We talked a lot on this topic if there was one or that, we could do that, or had to do it. Will see what happens. I hope in the near future there will be some solution.

Question it is Unlikely that this weekend something will change.

Riccardo it is Obvious that the configuration of is what it is. It seems to me that all s are created with a certain level of security and takes into account everything, for example, the angle at which the machine can fly to the fence, and the forces acting on it. Here, the configuration of the route as safe as possible, but it's hard for me to say, I don't know yet.

Question How to change the machine of this generation in terms of piloting Their behavior is very different when braking or acceleration on a wet road

Riccardo this year the acceleration has become more difficult because of less clamping force and features turbo, but on a wet road, it's the same as it was. Complexity the same it is necessary to control its behavior during acceleration, increase transmission. Perhaps Sebastian more competitive in these conditions, but I don't know exactly why. On a wet road a lot depends on confidence.

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