2014-10-09 19:14:02

Rob Smedley warming up the tyres can be difficult

Rob Smedley warming up the tyres can be difficult

Preview of the of Russia in detained until Thursday evening, the is already preparing for tomorrow's ting, as the press service of the quotes their representatives.

Smedley, chief er "the will be held on the new track, so in preparation we paid particular attention to modeling. The configuration resembles the race track in , slow turns quite a lot, so warming up the tyres can be difficult, as with the wear on the braking. expands the boundaries, all the s hope that the race will be interesting".

Valtteri Bottas " in Russia is great, is new, so everything is in equal conditions. Long straight linked medium-speed turns - this should be approached our car. It is always interesting to come to a new track, looking forward to drive on the highway and get acquainted with the country.

Massa "the Stage in Russia is a great step forward, and looks great. I drove a few laps on the simulator configuration is interesting, with several long straight - our car should be competitive. Remember the configuration was easy, but flying on a real track differs from the work on the simulator. I hope we'll have the race and will please of the Russian ".




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