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Roman Grosjean Accident Bianchi was a heavy blow for us

Roman Grosjean Accident Bianchi was a heavy blow for us

The problem of improving security has become one of the main after the accident in Suzuka. Before the weekend in Sochi Grosjean talked about the mood in the paddock and possible actions .

Question What do you think about what happened last Sunday

Grosjean It was a difficult race. The incident was a heavy blow to all of us. Nothing like this has happened quite a while ago. We Jules ted together, he's a great and a great guy. He was very unlucky.

Question You went to the hospital to visit him after the race

Grosjean unfortunately not. With him his family and loved ones.

I don't sleep since then, constantly think about him. On the other hand, if he had anything to say, it would be "Guys, go ahead You will find "

Question the Incident was the result of circumstances. Is it possible to identify the main problem

Grosjean Two meters to the right and nothing would happen, the four left - serious accident. I believe this is destiny. This is hard to accept.

Question has called on the to review the rules in his opinion, it is necessary to send on the safety car every time when leaving the tow truck, regardless of the conditions on . Do you agree

Grosjean I don't know. Recalling this incident, we can say that all you could do as well or otherwise. You should receive a decision, then we will make some conclusions. I have no ready-made solutions.

Question would you Like to hit the road vehicle safety, given the conditions

Grosjean EA was an accident. He was not lucky in this situation.

Question Now go back to the idea of closed s. What do you think about this

Grosjean I raced in the GT machines - it is very hot. I like open s.

Question Can something be done for the sake of the safety of cars of Needless to return to the decisions, from which in due time refused

Grosjean Honestly, I like the open s. I know that we have a dangerous job. Last time crashed . Massa incredibly lucky in an accident in -m Machines as safe as possible, and a similar incident, it seems to me, can not change anything.

Question what do you think About getting back behind the wheel after this incident You fight with yourself, to continue to chase

Grosjean you Cannot say that our mood has improved, but we know that we were at risk. My wife understands this. My son is beginning to realise it. We love this sport. It is obvious that were previously fatal accident. We know that racing is dangerous, but once you to experience feelings of fear, you need to stop. I love and racing, I understand its risks.

Question Continuing the conversation about risk it is possible, in a situation with yellow flags should make all rode in one lower rate

Grosjean You Can. In analyze the situation, and I am sure that they will prepare a decision on the improvement of the sport. In these few years, we have made incredible progress. This sad incident will help us to move on.

Question I'm sure you would like to change the subject. Have you had a chance to look at You worked on the simulator What do you think of her

Grosjean When I first saw the scheme of the route, I did not like it - it seemed boring, but that all changed when I drove it on the simulator. We hope that our machine is not less effective than on the simulator.

In the morning I walked around - it is not bad. Pretty smooth, reminiscent of Singapore and - two tracks, which I always liked. To overtake here is not as easy as we would like, especially on braking, but two zones DRS should help. This is part of the Olympic Park, and my grandfather participated in the Olympics in 1948 and 1952 It is very important to me.

Question What results he has achieved

Grosjean In one Olympics he was the eighth, another 11-m is a Good result. I love skiing, in the childhood was engaged in this sport, and then switched to the race. I'm glad to be here.

Question because Of the long straight and twisty sections not so obvious what settings are required.

Grosjean Judging from what I've heard, there should be special problems because of the level of clamping force. I think the ers are quite sure you have configured it correctly.


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