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Roman Grosjean In Sochi should be interesting

Roman Grosjean In Sochi should be interesting

Grosjean several times visited Russia and, in particular, in Sochi, but the first will be at in the Olympic Park. In the traditional preview before the of Russia talked about the peculiarities of the preparation stage, as well as about winter sports and ice races.

Question of Japan in many ways proved to be a difficult weekend.

Grosjean Yeah, first of all we wish Jules speedy recovery. We know he's in good hands, there is hope for the best and pray. The conditions were very difficult, and the incident was a coincidence.

Question What do you think about your results in Suzuka

Grosjean the Decision to behind the safety car was right it is right that the race was stopped when it became clear that conditions have become too complicated. As soon as the stopped, the re went well. I quickly moved from fall on the intermediate tyres, but to determine the amount of water on the road was not easy. The didn't always make the right decision in terms of strategy, but it is always difficult in changeable conditions.

Question What do you know about Sochi

Grosjean I worked with the Sochi track on the simulator. Apparently, should be interesting. On the road excellent cornering and high-speed segments. Apparently, on the racetrack, amazing atmosphere, because there is a new infrastructure, near the mountains and near the Black sea.

Chase on the site of the Olympic Park for me is something special. I'm a big fan of the Olympics, especially the winter, because my grandfather participated in competitions in Alpine skiing at the 1948 and 1952 Hope it will bring me luck

In addition, I am glad the trip to Russia. This is an incredibly large country. When you fly to Japan, it seems that a large part of the flight passes over Russia I once was in Sochi in , the event, and look forward to the opportunity to better understand the city.

Question If you did not become an F1 driver and had to choose one of the Olympic disciplines, what would you stop

Grosjean I Probably would choose skiing or bobsledding. As in , and they will need good speed and trajectory selection. It's in my blood. I ed my career in Alpine skiing until I moved in , so would choose this discipline.

Question What do you think about driving a on studded tires in the

Grosjean I would love to try did it in Dubai in , but it was indoors, so you should try on a real ski slope I participated in several ice racing and would love to try the on the .

Question How quickly do you store a new track

Grosjean Even without the simulator can quickly get a first glimpse of . The simulator helps to accelerate this process, to get a first impression about the settings, and the like. However, it is important to understand that the simulator does not allow to assess the level of coupling, because we never raced on this track before. As with any new asphalt, it can be expected that in the course of the weekend, its status will change, causing additional complications.

Question Presentation on the new highway increases the chances of success

Grosjean we All face the same challenges, the question is how quickly the rider and the settled on . Hopefully our car will be effective in Sochi, but we do not know the answer until you reach the place

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