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Roman Grosjean Jules never retreats

Roman Grosjean Jules never retreats

Grosjean was so excited accident in Suzuka that he had to work hard to get back behind the wheel of a in Sochi. In his blog in the newspaper L'equipe pilot talked about the relationship with Jules.

Grosjean "Jules rarely overlap, but the career ladder always follow each other. ing in formulas, he won the title in the French Formula , together with the SG , where I was also. In Formula 3, he won the title, as I, at ART. We even had one er.

Actually, in the Junior series, we met only once, in , in . And our fight was very intense, especially in Turkey, where we encountered in the Sunday race. But there is something that unites us is the attitude of irreconcilable rivalry.

I remember one of our first conversations. It happened in Dubai in , during the ting, organized by the French Federation of sports. It was early in the season in . I was older, and Jules made his debut. He came on the ing grid with the other s. In his eyes, felt the fighter's instinct. It was obvious that he wants resolute. That amazed me.

Jules not only a great guy, he is a very strong opponent. That was my first impression. When he competed in karting, he was spoken of as a who never retreats. Partly, as I do.

Organized my coach Jean-Pierre Frison ting of the French Federation of sports in Chamonix, organized a funny competition between s who will show you the best time in the ascent shoes on -covered slope. Jules tried to beat my record. He tried twice, and eventually succeeded. He is strong

I thought Jules was my brother in the race. I am concerned that happened to him. However, like all other s. I miss him dearly. Sitting behind the wheel of the morning practice sessions last Friday in Sochi, for the first time I felt vulnerable. After the accident, Jules a little less than a week, it was hard again go back on , but we need for him to continue to race, to compete in the , because, as I said, Jules is a real fighter who never backs".




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