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Sebastian Vettel the Rain can help us

Sebastian Vettel the Rain can help us

According to the results of Friday's workout showed the 5th result, yielding only to riders whose machines are the power plant of . The current does not exclude that if the weather turned bad, its chances to succeed in Suzuka can increase.

Question You four times already won at this track - presumably, you have a special relationship to Suzuka. What are the specifics of this route, why s talk about it with aspiration

It is one of the best tracks of the calendar, but for me it's simply the best. What is the reason This is a classic ring with fast and complex turns, the first sector is simply gorgeous, but it is also necessary to note such twists, like the Spoon, 13-th and 14-th. As soon as you cross the finish line, you want again to .

Question with this fast track will cope not the most powerful of Or are you counting on your experience

you can Always use one or the other situation. Much will depend on weather conditions. I would have preferred the Why not. I think he can help us.

Question But today's result looks good, though the weather was good.

I Think we still have hidden reserves, but I agree, today everything went well, although we lost some time. Hopefully tonight we will be playing with the machine and will be able to find a couple of tenths. In Suzuka with ultimate loads works not only rubber, but all of the machine - this track is for real riders. Here it is necessary not just to go as fast as possible, but also to constantly monitor tire wear. In addition, it is better to avoid mistakes, avoiding neither spreads nor smoothly, no crashes.

Question this season you have already used five s, and it can be expected that some of the remaining races will have to go to sixth. Therefore, you can not avoid the penalty in loss of ing positions.

apparently, it is impossible to exclude and other penalties as may have to change other parts of the power plant. But when the moment comes, we do not know.

Question This may occur already in Japan If the weather turned bad, you might decide to use it and take the risk

Here we do not plan to change anything. I want to make full use of the chance to show good results. But in Sochi or Austin, the situation may be different.

Question If you remember Singapore, there you are finished second, and this is your best result this season. Does this mean that you have managed to turn the tide

there is still a lot of work, because it's still not the first place. But I agree, the Singapore weekend was one of the most successful, especially when you consider that it is not ed very well. We have something to strive for, but we are glad that during the race we didn't have too much difficulty.

Question Today, on such a difficult track like Suzuka, held a "baptism of fire" max Verstappen, although he is only 17. What will you say about this

It does not affect my preparation for the week-end, but I remember in 2006 when for the first time took part in the morning as part of -, it was a real adventure. In Suzuka need some time to adapt, especially difficult to find a approach to Eski. But chase here is always fun.

Question In the fight for the title you had to compete with -mate - you know what it is. Do you think that now we see in - this is the highest stage of this competition, or should we expect new twists of intrigue

I Hope I will be able to watch this fight from the first row laughs We'll try to catch up with - that is our task for the remainder of the race. That's the main thing. If to speak about what is happening inside of this , then I apologize for straightforward wording I don't care. The season for us was difficult, so am glad to see some signs of stabilization - this to me is really interesting. The rest I don't care.

Question it May be that you will only benefit from the competition of and Rosberg

it's very simple. If they come across me when I'm going to go third, the victory will be mine And then I say, "Thank you, guys" But they are Mature professionals, and will not allow it.

Question has made it clear that the power plant will give before the first race of the European phase of the next season. How do you feel about that

Accurate predictions difficult. But, of course, if there were easy ways to change the situation, we would have done it long ago. We need to be patient.

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