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The German press about the Sochi Circuit

The German press about the Sochi Circuit

International press arrived at the Sochi Circuit, and a journalist of the German -Total Christian Nimmervoll shared their first impressions on of the of Russia, with which he was acquainted together with Bernd Mailander, the driver of the car security .

Christian Nimmervoll "Because of the race in Suzuka and Sochi hosts the butt, very few s manage to send previews of the Russian stage. Partly influenced this, and news about the upcoming separation of with , so on Tuesday night at the airport many colleagues looked really tired.

First impressions Sochi quite fit into the stereotypes are really attractive, and volunteers working on the trail, do not speak English or do not speak at all. But the community of the provided a very warm welcome, so all minor organizational problems, of course, will be fixed shortly.

The circuit, located in the Olympic Park, produces a very modern impression. Paddock sizes are not too big, but not small, the press centre equipped with the la technology, and the Internet is very fast at least not yet. The track, of course, not the most interesting configuration, but the architect Hermann Tilke had to lay her among the sports facilities built for the Olympics, and he had little room for manoeuvre.

Actually, the Sochi Circuit is reminiscent of the urban ring. Perhaps it is more like a Korean Ions and Abu Dhabi. However, one of the ers of AMG, walk along the road, categorically said . In General, with all these comparisons, we can agree. But the difference is that in Sochi for concrete barrier of the circuit are opened much more scenic views.

Last night the second time I was on the highway. It was already dark, but on the -finish straight and was still a rehearsal of some of the children's choreographic ensemble, which, apparently, will take part in the cultural program before the race. All the buildings of the Olympic Park beautifully illuminated, and the General atmosphere is just wonderful. The perfect place to spend a night race."




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