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The big interview Esteban Gutierrez

The big interview Esteban Gutierrez

In an nonf1.ru Esteban Gutierrez spoke about his early career, moving into Europe and the situation in which they found themselves now.

Question Esteban, seven years ago you crossed the ocean to pursue a career in Europe. What are your memories of that time

Esteban Gutierrez I had a chance to go after a speech at the American Formula . I knew that the next step in any case, you need to do in Europe. There are more competitive Championships, the best pilots, the best benchmarks for myself. Only in Europe can you understand what he is capable of.

Was it a difficult decision No, at that age, I immediately said, "I'm going". I was 16 years old, I did not even think about what might be difficult.

Question But you are quite well spoken in English

Esteban Gutierrez Yes, I taught it in school in Mexico. But I really helped that we lived in France with my family when I was 11-12 years old.

Question How did you get there

Esteban Gutierrez My parents wanted to try something new, to show children different culture, a different lifestyle. We spent a year and a half.

Question You went to a French school

Esteban Gutierrez No, American. And it was there that my English became better.

Question so, you move to Europe was not such a serious

Esteban Gutierrez Yes, I think so - at the first stage, everything was fine.

Question did You go alone

Esteban Gutierrez Yes. First - in Madrid, where he lived in a normal nish family. Rented a room in their house. There I spent the first year after moving to Europe.

Question they were children

Esteban Gutierrez Yes, the guy who was older than me. We got along nicely. It was very helpful. I chose in for moving, so it was easier to adapt, so you can talk in your native language. I had to see how everything will turn out and then decide what to do next. in was the appropriate place.

Question do You still see these people

Esteban Gutierrez Yes, every year I try to visit them. When we have s" class="posttag">s in and before them, I always come to visit, we meet.

Question You never knew these people before you move

Esteban Gutierrez No. But now they are my good friends. I am pleased to return there, they are very very kind to me.

Question Then you have to go to France.

Esteban Gutierrez Yes. I spent probably about four years in Paris. Came in . Yes. Four years. In Switzerland, I moved to

Question What do you especially like in each country

Esteban Gutierrez In in - the weather smiles. Plus, Madrid is a very beautiful city. People open, very good. But Paris is my favorite city. I like to walk through the streets. There everything is permeated with history. But I must admit, the service leaves much to be desired laughs. This particular difficult to get used to, but the city itself will compensate for all the accompanying disadvantages.

Question do You speak French

Esteban Gutierrez Yes. Not to say that fluent or know it perfectly, but I can maintain a normal conversation.

Question What is attractive about Switzerland

Esteban Gutierrez I live in Lucerne, near Zurich. There's a magnificent nature. This is a very peaceful place, it is always a pleasure to return to after long journeys. To rest, to recover. The city relieves stress. All is quiet, easy is the main thing that I like.

Usually we travel in very large cities with many kilometers of traffic jams, not the clean air and so on. This is a nice feature of our lives, we visit many interesting places, but to return home - if there relaxed and comfortable is always very nice. You can't life at such a pace, you need to relax.

Question Do you, perhaps, not so many friends outside of the paddock Holding it most of the time, sometimes you just want to relax and to spend a few days alone.

Esteban Gutierrez I Have two different lives, two different circle of friends. When I travel, I talk all the time with people from the , with his mechanics, ers. I like it. But when I'm in Europe, I have many friends in different corners. Most of them one way or another belong to the world of sport. Plus, I often communicate with friends, family, and when I get back home in Mexico, always meet with those with whom he studied in school.

Question did your career a role, Joe Ramirez

Esteban Gutierrez Only recently. He has many ties in this world, it is always a pleasure to talk to, to discuss certain things. He has a lot of examples on all occasions. He helped me to get acquainted with Didier I, who is now my Manager.

Question How did you get into the program'escuderia Telmex

Esteban Gutierrez It happened in . They were my ever since, supported me every season. With them always convenient and easy to operate. I would say that they show the necessary flexibility, listened to my opinion, and I'm very thankful for that. There is not only a commercial interest, the more important personal relationships. We have a common passion. I was lucky in that all my - and even my friends. Together we are doing great projects when I'm in Mexico. This pleasant cooperation from all sides.

Question To all costs assumed family I read that as a child you had to persuade your father for years, he allowed you to go-karting. It was really so difficult

Esteban Gutierrez Yes, difficult laughs. First had to convince his father. I had a lot of Hobbies. I was fond of cycles, Cycling, mountain Biking, and many other things, and the father always supported me. But when I came to him with another idea, he said, "Boy, you're crazy. Will suffice. Concentrate on something one.

Question so he did not believe that you will be engaged in racing seriously

Esteban Gutierrez I don't know. Probably. He's always loved racing, but to convince him, took some time. But the kart did my older brother . He was passionate about this sport, and just said, "Okay, dad, I'll take care of Esteban. Don't worry, you do not need". He agreed, and when we ed, the father began to ride with us on the race, he liked it.

But later, when it was time to do the next step in your career, the problems ed already with my mother laughs. In the beginning it was the opposite. She supported me, and father had to persuade, but when he was caught, it is not too much. She said, "Hey, stop. Are you serious"

Question She was trying to dissuade you from your professional career

Esteban Gutierrez Yes, before my first season in Formula , she came up to me and said, "You seriously want to be a pilot Okay, we'll give you a chance. Got a year. You will fulfill your dream, but if you fail, you go back home and go to University." She even made me sign a paper laughs.

We arrived at the first race - pole on the second pole on the third pole. Parents were confused. They didn't understand what you want for I have won, or to return home, began to live a normal life laughs. But then slowly they began to understand the sport, to understand what was happening. They saw how everything develops, my prospects, and eventually gave me full support.

Question Where now the paper that mom made you sign

Esteban Gutierrez she. Together with a cheque for my first card, which we bought. She made me fill out all the papers himself, and she still kept all copies laughs.

Question They often came later in Europe

Esteban Gutierrez Yes, they came, but not for long. It was something to do in Mexico. The father of your business. But they always played an important role in my career. In everything I did. This is a family project. It was so from the very beginning and it continues still. Father is watching me very closely, brother Andreas is also involved in this process. Around me many people that can help, including Didier.

Question have You ever thought to stop It really was not difficult moments, away from home, when you said to yourself "No, it's too hard"

Esteban Gutierrez Never. Not to the same extent. When I came to Europe, I sometimes caught myself thinking "What am I doing here" There are days when you begin to analyze what is happening, to understand whether you do that the correct path was chosen. But I always came to the same conclusion. I became even more motivated. It's always been a great and very interesting adventure, and I don't think to stop. I struggle, I am very motivated, hungry for success, and this hunger makes me move on. I plan to continue in the same spirit for many years.

Question Now the most difficult period in your career You are used to in Junior series to fight for victory, the titles, but at the moment the machine sometimes can not even count on glasses.

Esteban Gutierrez Yes, it's hard. It is a challenge. But for me is very important my personal achievements are those that I see, but difficult to show the rest of the world. I don't have the opportunity to show what I have done, how much better as a pilot. Of course, this additional pressure.

This is a new experience, I've never had to be in a similar situation. But personally, I look at everything as a preparation for the future. Such moments make you progress, make you a full-fledged pilot. I know I have won Championships in his career, I have achievements, and I still have the same plans for to succeed. I will continue to fight and try to climb as high as I can.

Question When we spoke in the summer, you said that you try again to to enjoy what you are doing.

Esteban Gutierrez Yes, and this is one of the most difficult tasks. When you find yourself in a difficult situation, stress is inevitable - it is unpleasant, I must admit. But from reality nowhere to hide. We have to accept it for what it is, try looking for the positive. Now you often can see the smile on my face. Together with the we continue to fight.

Question We talked with johnny Herbert about you in . Try again to get pleasure from work - it's his Board, right

Esteban Gutierrez Yes. When I approached him, he read my face. I even asked the Council. He said "Esteban, relax, try to have fun. Forget about seconds. Forget about what people say. Just try again to feel all the things you like about this sport. Trust instincts".

This is what I am trying to do. I think it goes well. The approach works, and I have to thank johnny. It was good advice.

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