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Vettel We are waiting for one of the most difficult weekends in season

Vettel We are waiting for one of the most difficult weekends in season

After the end of the free races in Sochi was talking about leaving , measures to improve the safety of and in Sochi.

Q Sebastian, your future is a lot of talk - is that you will play for . But you haven't told on this - are there any difficulties

Yes, but the situation as it is. Fortunately, I have a lot of work to do, so I don't miss and I don't feel that I need someone to talk about it. laughs

Question When you to get upset about leaving We remember , when he left almost came to tears.

Not now, but the final race will probably be very emotional. While we focus on the fact that we lack speed - it takes all my attention.

Question active discussions about ways to prevent incidents like what happened in Suzuka. One possible solution is a closed . What is your opinion about this

obviously, after such an incident, there are many proposals, closed is one of them. In my opinion, we should accept the situation - even if it is very difficult, and later learn that you can change. Hasty decisions - not the best option.

Question But the discussion about the safety should never stand still.

.and never will be. But just think - if someone said riders fifties that the seat belt would allow them to avoid serious injury, I'm sure they would have immediately ed to use it. As well as a helmet instead of leather caps. We have already come a long way - but it certainly does not mean that we should stop thinking about what else can be improved. We now have a very high level of security, but the sad incidents, as unexpected as this can always happen.

Q You drove a few laps around in Sochi before this weekend. Today it help you

No, of course not. I think this track similar to in and Korea, so that all who were there, know what to expect. This is not a street track, but not the circuit in the classical sense. This is a very special race on the Olympic Park, among all these incredible buildings. The configuration is quite simple, basically it is a right 90-degree turns. High-speed third rotation around the Olympic area, probably the best place. Of course, when you find a setting you need to find the right compromise between cornering and straight.

Question the Entrance to the pit lane looks very narrow - it doesn't bother you, from the point of view of the race

No, but it's a bit funny. Everything here is so great - why do such a narrow entrance to the pit lane When conducting pit stop will have to be careful.

The question is How many tracks do you like more

When I came here, I knew what to expect, but I must say that the experience on is much better than on the simulator. Adhesion to the asphalt good enough, so the choice of tyres was correct.

Question it seems that this track will be a favorite for machines. It will be tough

Seems like it. This is a good track but it's probably not suitable. We are not as rapid as we would like, but on a long series all looked better, which should help a bit in the race.

Question What can you do to increase your chances

To Work. This is the only answer that I have. To work on the settings and on . You can't change everything with a wave of a magic wand, so it looks like we are waiting for one of the most difficult weekends in the season.

At the same time, I think that the of tomorrow will be very interesting, as the pilots took here those items that typically takes riders . So, let's see whether what you're doing, and if we can find a solution.

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