2014-11-21 18:44:02

Roman Grosjean received a combined fine

On the eve of the of the race weekend on the machine Grogan established sixth , for which the Frenchman won a penalty in the form of ten ing positions. But later had to change the turbine and MGU-K, for which the pilot got ten positions.In sum Grosjean will lose 20 positions. Given that the grid will have a total of 20 cars, the penalty shall be transferred to the next stage. That's the only season in Abu Dhabi ends, so the stewards of the made an unusual decision.If you remain unrealized penalty position, they are converted into penalty seconds during the race. So, if there is five or less, the novel will have to be served during the pit stop is a 5-second penalty. If you stay from 6 to 10 places, 10 seconds. If you stay more than 10 seats, Grogono have to make the journey along the pit lane. If there will be new penalties, you will have to work a 10-second stop-and-go.



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