2014-11-10 10:44:03

Sauber again without glasses

In qualifying pilots came close to the top ten, but in the race to earn points once again failed. Esteban Gutierrez finished 14th, - 15-M. Esteban Gutierrez "I struggled throughout the race, but could only achieve 14-th result. All initially looked pretty good, but when I tried to join in the fight against faster opponents, my tires instantly melted. It was hard to fix. Only one race. 'll try to push to the limit and will try to get points, so important to my ". "It was not the best race in my performance. I tried as best I could, but I had a lot of problems. I even ed from the pit lane due to problems with the cooling system. I am very sad that it all happened, but it's not my personal problem. This is a problem of technology. To the la always a shame, but that's part of racing. I did everything I could, but has not achieved anything. So happens. Now all the attention is on the last race.



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