2015-05-19 17:14:02

A new record McLaren

In the first five races of this season, the didn't earn any points and thereby set a new record. Prior to this most unfortunate was the of the 1981 season, when to get into the points failed only with the fourth attempt.Something the 1981 season coincides with the season of . Then with the support of Marlboro gained control of the and invited the brilliant er John Barnard, who has built a unique car MP4/1 with full carbon-fiber monocoque. This year Dennis after the break once again stood at the head of the and was lured away from er Prodromou, who has built quite good, according to many , the chassis of the MP4-30. However, the weak link is the power plant Honda.34 years ago, only in the fourth race of the season Andrea de Cesaris managed to bring the their first point. Then followed two unsuccessful races. And then John Watson gave a series of three podiums, which ended with the victory at the home of the British . Later the same year Watson behind the wheel of the MP4/1B fought for the title.How will this year If or Jenson button to be on the podium Can -Honda to intervene in the fight for the title next season.



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