2015-05-11 12:54:02

The second victory of Sebastien Buemi in Formula E

became the first driver Championship Formula E, who managed to win two wins this season the Swiss was the fas on the race in Punta del este and has now repeated his triumph at the first ever Formula E European stage in .This victory was the third for e.dams- in Miami, the first place went to mate Buemi, Nicolas Prost, which further strengthened its leading position in the overall standings. The race in has collected an incredible number of s - more than 23,000 of sports is located at the stadium and the fan zone, thus confirming the popularity of Formula E and in this part of the world.In an exciting qualifying Buemi took pole position in the fight with championship leader , Jerome dAmbrosio and Piquet Jr. took their seats in the second row on the ing grid. At the beginning of the race the leaders were able to get ahead, but just a few seconds after the of ABT provoked the collision, which damaged cars of several drivers , Jean-Eric Vergne, Loc Duval, El Salvador Duran and . was eliminated in the first turn.After the departure of the safety car the race resumed, however, as a result of the accident of fighting has left Senna, Alguersuari, as well as Duval and ABT. After the re the leaders headed Buemi, followed immediately by di Grassi, followed by dAmbrosio,, Stephan Sarrazin, Nicolas Prost and Sam bird.In the sixth lap of the Brazilian pilot NEXTEV TCR Piquet Jr. seized the acceleration FanBoost and effectively ahead of the Belgian dAmbrosio from Dragon , finishing in third position. Intense fight took place between the leaders of the race - Buemi and followed right behind di Grassi. went to pit stop earlier on the 25th lap, trying to beat the opponent. But it was not to be after a pit stop two laps later, Buemi was able to hold the lead in the race.On the second stinte" di Grassi again joined the fight for the lead with Buemi, although I knew that the second one will have more energy. The Audi Sport ABT also had to defend second place until the end of the race in the fight caught up with his. Despite the incredible efforts of the pilot-the winner ePrix in long beach, di Grassi managed to hold on to second place, finishing two seconds after the leader Buemi. But his countryman Piquet Jr. still had to fight for the podium with Sam bird. As a result, the Brazilian has won this confrontation, leaving the fourth Briton.After Sam Byrd s crossed the finish line in the following sequence dAmbrosio, Simple, Sarrazin, , Antonio Felix da Costa and .Fas lap in this race 55.157 C showed not reached the finish Jean-Eric Vergne, largely due to the acceleration of FanBoost. French pilot got two points and the award from VISA for the fas lap " Visa Fas Lap Award". This award was first awarded at the ePrix, marking the beginning of cooperation between Formula E and one of the world leaders in the field of electronic payment systems VISA.After seven races in the drivers ' championship remains the leader with 93 points. Four points from him behind Piquet Jr. to win Today Buemi will allow to compete for the title of champion is now the Swiss pilot in third place 83 points, which is six points more than his mate .In the event e.dams- has strengthened its leadership ahead of nearest rival Audi Sport ABT 45 points. NEXTEV TCR behind just one point which was in the third position of the 93 and 94 points respectively. Also worth mentioning is the fact that in this race to earn points managed by both the drivers Venturi - Sarrazin finished seventh, and his - tenth. ePrix gave a great of the European part of the Championship Formula E next race will be held in Berlin in two weeks, on may 23, in the territory of the closed airport Tempelhof, June 6th race electroblade will be held in the Russian capital, in the historical center of near the Kremlin walls.The results of the 7th round of the championship of Formula E 1. , e.dams-, 4805.2252. , Audi Sport ABT, +2.154 sec.3. Piquet, Jr., NEXTEV TCR, +4.634 sec.4. Sam bird, , +4.801 seconds.5. Jerome d'ambrosio, Dragon , +5.881 sec.6. , e.dams-, +11.032 sec.7. Stefan Sarrazin, Venturi, +26.472 sec.8. , NEXTEV TCR, +49.538 sec.9. Antonio Felix da Costa, Amlin Aguri, +52.658 sec.10. , Venturi, +52.936 sec.11. , Trulli, +58.984 sec.12. Scott Speed, Andretti, +114.13813. Chandhok , Mahindra , +1 NC , Trulli, not NC Jean-Eric Vergne, Andretti, not NC Salvador Duran, Amlin Aguri, not NC Loic Duval Dragon , not NC ABT, Audi Sport ABT, not NC , , not NC , Mahindra , not fynyshyrovaly standings1. , 932. Piquet, Jr., 893. Sebastian Buemi, 834., 775. Sam Bird, 646. Jerome d'ambrosio, 527. Antonio Felix da Costa, 458. Jean-Eric Vergne, 349. , 3010. , nomandy offsete.dams- - 160Audi Sport ABT - 115 - 94NEXTEV TCR - 93Andretti Autosport - 82Dragon - 76Amlin Aguri - 48Mahindra - 46Venturi - 16Trulli - 12.



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