2015-06-09 15:34:03

Mercedes the Tip of engineer Lewis has not affected his advantage

No matter what race, new tensions within the . Rosberg has blamed his that she helped to defend against his attacks. Similar opinion is shared by a former pilot of Christian Danner, now a commentator for German television.Donner in an with Bild said the moment in the stages of the race of Bonnington, race er Hamilton, said his client that Rosberg has no problems with fuel consumption, but he has to protect the brakes. A little later asked his er Tony Ross about the car , and received the answer that to provide such information is not permitted.The behavior of the racing ers commented head of "We've already taken care of within the . I'm sure the hint of a racing er Lewis has not affected his advantage. I will say again that we have absolutely the same attitude to both pilots. As for Ross, he acted correctly according to the rules".



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