2015-09-07 17:04:03

In Haas will not be American pilots

Next season in debut American Haas. There was much talk about the participation in the project of American pilots, and to place in the , claimed . But the other day the owner of the hinted that suitable candidates from USA no.Gene Haas, owner "Season of transitions and coming to an end, and we are very surprised that strong drivers chose to remain in their s.It would be great to invite an American fighter pilot, but no one gave us a proper impression. I think America should think about the ting program for pilots of .We hope to get one of the drivers and someone else with more experience of performances in the Formula-1".According to , one of the pilots Haas next season will be a driver for Esteban Gutierrez. The role of an experienced pilot claimed Jean-Eric Vergne, and Grosjean.



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