2015-11-03 13:24:03

News Pirelli race Report Mexico

Rosberg won the first of Mexico for 23 years, after ing from the pole position and two pit stops. By implementing a strategy of using soft, moderately hard and moderately hard tyres again, he was ahead of his mate , making regained second place in personal offset. It is worth Recalling that it was the 10th this season.A significant impact on the development of racing strategies provided check out 20 laps from the safety car. Those pilots who made a pit stop while staying on the safety car is not lost time.The exception was the Mexican , the , which visited boxes only once and finished in eighth place. Thus, it has strengthened my reputation as a pilot, able to perfectly control the tire wear. Once in the pits we stopped only Perez and most of the drivers visited the pits twice, and some made three pit stops. However, none of the pilots who stayed in the pits three times, failed to score points.An additional factor in today's race was the highest for the whole weekend the temperature, although previously predicted precipitation. In the race the asphalt warmed up to 46 degrees, it is deposited more rubber, so the wear and reduce the characteristics of the tires compared to practice and qualifying session has changed. Additional traction and improved high speed characteristic of the discharged air trails in Mexico direct was able to accelerate up to 366 km/h. And the pilot Massa has a top speed of 352 km/h without the aid of DRS.During the race, and has better characteristics track moderately hard tyres began to show great performance. On 67th lap Rosberg showed the best time round race on the tires of this type, and this time was about a second better time pole position on the soft tyres.All the drivers ed on the soft tyres. The only exception were two pilots of the and the driver Raikkonen they ed the race on the tyres of medium hardness.Paul Hembery, Director of the division of "As expected, we saw a two pit stop for the majority of pilots in difficult from a strategic point of view the race. This complexity was due to constant increase of the characteristics of the route, the high temperature was 12 degrees higher compared to yesterday afternoon and the departure of the safety car towards the end of the race. The return of in Mexico has been extremely successful from to finish on was astounding and disturbing atmosphere. As told by Mansell during the ing of the pilots on the podium "Viva Mexico" Nice to know that not everything changes during the previous of Mexico in 1986, the victory was celebrated by in the Benetton car equipped with tires. Since then, the have stayed the same devotees".The best results of types of tyresMaggie Kvyat - 121,5492 Riccardo - 121,6253 Sainz - 122,and Rosberg - 120,5212 Hamilton - 120,7233 Bottas - 121,585 The longest race in the raceSoft tires 28 lapsTyre average hardness 53 lapsEvaluation of prognosisthis 71-lap race, we predicted a strategy with two pit stops on the soft tyres, the transition to the next set of soft tyres on the 23rd lap and the tyres of medium hardness on the 46th lap. Rosberg opted for two pit-stops and carried them out almost as we had predicted, but on the soft tyres he drove only the first segment. The winner of the race was crossing on moderately hard tyres on the 26th and 46th circles. On the development of strategies was strongly influenced by the most high for the whole weekend temperatures and a continuous improvement of characteristics of asphalt trails.



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