2015-12-24 10:34:04

Oksana Kosachenko Soon you will know the name of the pilot of Formula 1 from Russia

Oksana Kosachenko previously said that next season will have another driver from Russia, he admitted that he did not expect such interest in this topic.Oksana Kosachenko in an Sportbox.ru "Soon you will know the name of the pilot and the that he will represent.You know, if there is any one route that some reached the top of the, say, , this does not mean that all other pilots have to go the same way. Therefore, there are different options was the route that passed Petrov, was the route traversed Tributes Kviat, and will be the routes other pilots. Now in there are many talented young people. And if you take a look at guys down from 17 to 21 years, we will see that these pilots show decent results and can establish itself in .I honestly didn't expect the topic to a new pilot from Russia will be such an interest. Ask me about it not only in our country the calls are coming even from New Zealand. This suggests that our racing is gaining popularity".



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