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Australian GP, Rosberg Hamilton Vettel, Kvyat retired.

Australian GP, Rosberg  Hamilton  Vettel, Kvyat  retired.

Dry. Air +23.22C, route +37.30 brought on the stage three s Medium, Soft and SuperSoft first two are mandatory for use.According to the rules of the first eight s ed on a worn set of SuperSoft,Perez, Hulkenberg, button, Bottas, Kvyat, Grosjean and Gutierrez ed the race on Soft, remaining at SuperSoft.Unfortunately, before the of the car of Daniil Kvyat stopped in the beginning of the ing line the race for our pilot has been completed.At the , the s is too slow moving, and leadership was taken by Vettel, second Raikkonen, while Hamilton dropped to 6th position.The Magnussen - puncture.The first ten on 2nd lap Vettel - Raikkonen - Rosberg - Verstappen - Massa - Hamilton - Sainz - Hulkenberg - Riccardo - Alonso.On the 3rd lap Hamilton overtook Massa for 5th place, ricciardo overtook Hulkenberg in the struggle for the 8-E. 9-lap ricciardo overtook Massa in the fight for 6th place.But ahead of Bottas and Ericsson Wehrlein.To create a serious gap to Vettel failed by the tenth lap he was 2.5 seconds ahead of mate and 3.4 Rosberg.On the 12th lap, Rosberg, ricciardo, Alonso and Palmer changed my tires.13-m Vettel and Verstappen.Sebastian went in front of Rosberg, attacked him, but unsuccessfully.Vettel got another set of SuperSoft on the second segment and on the 15th lap ahead of Hamilton, still have not replaced the tires.On 15-th circle button, Raikkonen, Hamilton and Hulkenberg changed his tyres.At the 17th lap when overtaking Gutierrez Alonso hooked his right front wheel, the car flew into the air, crashed into a barrier, flying over the security zone, flipped twice in the air again and crashed into a barrier.With Fernando all right, what can be said about the car.Red flags.the Majority of drivers changed tires.And debutant Haryanto finished the race because of problems with the drive.The first ten after the pace car Vettel - Rosberg - Raikkonen - Riccardo - Verstappen - Sainz - Hamilton - Massa - Grosjean - Bottas.Button ahead of Perez in the battle for 13th position.Puffed machine Raikkonen, the intake came the flames, but the mechanics in the pits put out the car, Kimi, of course, lost ground.Vettel on SuperSoft and was unable to resist Rosberg on Medium, closed the gap.35-lap mechanics with a small hitch has changed his tyres Vettel, and Sebastian were back on track 4. On the 35th lap Rosberg - Riccardo - Hamilton - Vettel - Massa - Grosjean - Hulkenberg - Bottas - Palmer - Sainz.At the 40th lap Marcus Ericsson stopped the car in the garage, gathering.'s confrontation between -mates - Verstappen invited the to ask him to miss Carlos, but Carlos is not lost.closer to the end of the race Sainz blocked the tyre touches the Verstappen not without consequences.On the 42nd lap, Hamilton was ahead of ricciardo in the fight for the 2nd position, and rolled into the pits - SuperSoft, came back 5 m later overtook Massa in the fight for 4th place.The first ten on the 46th lap Rosberg - Hamilton - Vettel - Riccardo - Massa - Grosjean - Hulkenberg - Bottas - Sainz - Verstappen.On the last laps of Hamilton's tires lost efficiency, Vettel attacked him at the 2nd position, but SEB made a mistake, went off the road, was able to return, but the chances of 2nd place lost.Vettel believes that the strategy in his case was erroneous, it was timely to switch to Medium.And the race won the race Rosberg won the first race of the season, winning 15-th victory in his career. 2nd, finished third Vettel. and in the fight.The new American Haas F1 managed to earn points in his first race 6th place GrosjeanThe RESULTS Genepilot Team Time Speed 1. N. Rosberg 14815.565 167.525 22. L. Hamilton +8.060 167.318 23. S. Vettel +9.643 167.277 34. D. Ricciardo +24.330 166.900 35. F. Massa +58.979 166.018 26. R. Grosjean Haas +112.081 165.687 17. N. Hulkenberg +114.199 165.633 28. V. Bottas +115.153 165.609 29. C. Sainz +115.680 165.596 310. M. Verstappen +116.833 165.567 311. D. Palmer +123.399 165.402 212. K. Magnussen +125.606 165.346 313. S. Perez +131.699 165.193 214. J. button + 1 lap 164.545 315. F. Nasr + 1 lap 164.330 216. P. Wehrlein + 1 lap 162.347 3after completing the many have criticized the new format. Sunday morning was the meeting of the s by Charlie Whiting, which was decided to revert to the old format of the in the next stage of the season in " class="posttag">Bah.



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