2016-03-02 08:54:02


Raikkonen showed the s" class="posttag">s yesterday on the 4th time of the day. are having difficulty with the .is not worried about this, there is still time, and while, in his opinion, all good."I have no idea what other s, the time difference range depends on the type of tires and amount of fuel in the tanks we are working according to the program and pleased with the results. I think we have a good car, but time will tell how much," says Daniil Kvyat.also in General satisfied with the first day of the s" class="posttag">s, but I had to waste time until solved problems with the brakes, or rather, their ducts.fortunately, all managed to fix it.Haas Mexican Esteban Gutierrez showed the 11th time.Unfortunately, to run the program failed because of reliability problems that are not solved yet, but the work goes on.



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