2016-04-22 09:44:03

Konstantin Tereshchenko showed the third result on the third pre-season tests GP3

Konstantin Tereschenko Campos took part in the third pre-season s" class="posttag">s Series, which took place on 20-21 April in in at the circuit near . On Thursday morning, in the , Konstantin has shown the third result among the twenty-four participants.In addition to weather conditions, additional complexity in control of the car contributed to the wellbeing of Constantine. The day before he sped the muscles of the neck and on Wednesday was forced to miss most of the allotted time. However, Tereshchenko managed to drive 35 laps in the afternoon session of the tenth to show the result.Under the program planned by the , Campos pilots practiced the procedure, and the organizers of the series ordered all riders to drive a few laps in a virtual machine security.The second ting day was partly spoiled by the weather because of the high probability of aquaplaning cars under the heavy the did not release the pilots on . Only towards the end of the morning session, the weakened, and the cars left the pits. In such circumstances, Tereshchenko became the third among the twenty-four pilots. In the second session of the seventeenth Constantine showed the result.Konstantin Tereshchenko "the Third pre-season s" class="posttag">s developed for me is ambiguous, but we managed to work through the planned programme and to find some solutions that should help us in the race. On the first day of ing, I spent very little time on , because sped muscles in the neck, and had to miss a few hours. The physical therapist tried to help me as possible, because we can't take painkillers, they dull the reaction. In the afternoon I returned to and was even able to show a tenth result, although physically it was tough. On Thursday I felt a little better, but the weather turned bad. In the morning it was ing heavily, and about one and a half hours we spent in the pits. At the end of the session, when the weather began to improve, we went to , and I managed to become the third - the machine goes well in conditions. Overall, we did not try to be the first on the s" class="posttag">s, we tried to adjust the machine so as to be first in the race. And I'm quite happy with the final result, positive about the past two days, in season we can fight for high places. In the remaining three weeks we have to determine the settings for the first stage, fully prepared, and I'll t and recover the muscles of the neck. There is little time left, and I can't wait to season".Pre-season program is completed. The first stage of the series will be held 13-15 may at the circuit -Catalunya in in will be held together with .



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