2016-05-09 12:24:03

In SMP Racing finished the next stage of the world Championship on races on endurance

Two of the crew of the Russian SMP finished the next stage of the World championship endurance racing, held on the Belgian track of -Francorchamps. The crew at number 37 in the composition of Petrov, and Kirill Ladygina, Viktor Shaitar completed the race in ninth place, and the machine at number 27, under the direction of Markozov, Nicolas Minassian and Maurizio Mediani finished 11th in their category LMP2."It was one of the most interesting and unpredictable races in the last time, - said Petrov. - There was a lot of overtaking, accidents, retirements and reshuffles of power. I'm sure the audience had incredible fun and plenty of emotions.As for our , alas, we were not lucky from the . At the exit of the first turn one of the conants kicked me in the rear right wheel, causing it damaged the exhaust system and the underbody. Over 10 laps the car had to spend in the pits. After the release of Viktor Shaitar another blow this time the rival was trying to overtake him, but not calculated. Again the pits, again a waste of time. In spite of that we continued to stay on track, working on the machine on its settings.We see problems, we see the main reasons that do not allow us to rise to the podium is the lack of speed and degradation of tyres. We make every effort to resolve them. Before the race at we will have two days of s" class="posttag">s, which we also use to deal with the situation. Also in the European series our rides the same machine on which we also plan to make some changes and see them on stage at Imola.I want to reiterate the prototype of the new BR01. Yes, now in this championship, he plays for speed rivals, but we will deal with this problem, and until the end of the study the work of Dunlop rubber, which this year was changed.The most important thing that our machine is reliable. In the upcoming race at it can play a crucial role. Maybe by that time we will be able to fix all the issues and we show the result that we expect from all Russian ."The next stage of the world Championship on races on endurance will become the famous daily marathon "24 hours of , which s on June 18 in the French Sarthe ring.



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