2016-11-07 22:14:03

Jrg Zander is the new technical Director of Sauber

The post of technical Director of the , which had remained vacant after the departure of Smith in March of this year, next season is Jorg Zander.Currently, Zander is the technical Director of the Audi represented in the championship WEC. However, the German company decided to leave endurance racing, and 52-year-old er got the opportunity to return to , which has already worked with , BAR, , Honda and Brawn. Had Zander to work in in 2006 and 2007 he was the chief designer of the , which at that time belonged to .Moniz, Kaltenborn, head of the "We are delighted that Jorg Zander will become technical Director at . We are proud that we have managed to convince so an experienced er to become a part of our . This is a very important step in the history of , and he will succeed.Zander knows the world of and . He will oversee all technical processes and be responsible for all technical departments. Sure, together we will succeed".Jorg Zander "I'm glad to be back in the and in Switzerland, a country that became for me almost native. After many years of experience in endurance racing, I am pleased to return to . Enters into force the new regulation which provides an excellent opportunity to demonstrate technical capability.My goal is to create efficient technical organization that will be able to design a competitive machine of Fomrula-1. But first we need to gain a foothold in the middle of the peloton. This is a very interesting challenge and I look forward to the new season".



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