2017-02-23 14:44:03

Technical specification McLaren MCL32

The day before the , posted specifications of the new machine MCL32.Sessionals ferrocarbon, with compartment for fuel tank includes a structure to absorb a frontal, rear and side darovcet ferrocarbon consists of cover, side pontoons, the bottom, nose cone, front wing and rear wing system DRS suspension upper and lower carbon wishbones, torsion bars and amortizatoriai suspension upper and lower carbon wishbones, torsion bars and amortizatoriu 728 kg with driver with tank emptythe control electronics Electronic Systems including the standard control unit, sensors, telemetryControl panel Applied Technologies materials and hydraulics Castrol the Akebono calipers, pads and disks of carbon fiber, the system of the "brake-by-wire" Akebono P Zero discs Achiev Kenwood system of AkzoNobel, paint Cam cooling Calsonic Capetownhotels Honda RA617H, turbo V6, the camber angle of cylinders 90 degrees, 4 valves per cylindrically weight 145 grabaci volume 1600 cubicmaksimalnye rpm 15000 rpm/enmaxonline fuel consumption 100 kg/HR 10500 rpmMax fuel capacity 105 khavlina fuel injection 500 bartolino BP Castrol ENERGY RECOVERY ERSManufacturer Honda battery 20-25 khmarskiy energy range 4 Mglowest MGU-K 120 cutmanmike rpm MGU-K about 50000/enmaxonline rpm MGU-H 125000/intransmissible transmission the case of carbon fiber, installed prodolliet transmission 8 gears + rear gear godparentage stepless switching, electro-hydraulic sistematizarea carbon fiber drive electro-gidravlicheskiy materials Castrol.



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