2017-02-05 18:24:04

The head of McLaren Formula-1 need other the USA

The head of Zac brown believes that needs a slightly different environment to work in USA.Zac brown "We need other conditions in the United States, we need more racing in this country. Austin has done an outstanding job, that's great. There are still Haas and would have been better to get a real American driver in the championship. And it would be beneficial if the United States will get more seats in the market championship.Of course, there should be a balance. No one thinks that is going to become an American sport for one night. It's just one country, just extremely important for our races. There's plenty of opportunities for growth and development.USA loves , loves sports, and that's exactly what we need. We need to get the recognition of the American public, which will definitely fall in love with the Formula-1".



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