2017-03-28 11:44:06

FIA will review the rules of the DRS after the Grand Prix of China

Director 's Charlie whiting confirmed that the revise the rules of use of the DRS in accordance with the new technical , after the Chinese .Now all the cars fitted with DRS a system of reduction of head resistance to the air flow that allows pilots to increase the speed of the cars on the line.With the adoption of the new rules of technical of the DRS partially lost its effectiveness, so after the Chinese , the intends to reconsider the rule of using the system.Charlie Whiting "During the s" class="posttag">s it was difficult for us to assess the effectiveness of DRS. We certainly have some information. And at the moment we do not see significant differences.That is why we believe that you need to wait until the end of the of , to understand how the system works on s.While the system worked well enough, but we still can't make a final decision until we see the work of DRS during the race".



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