2017-04-23 10:54:04

Chase Carey Germany is an important market for Formula 1

The head of Formula-1 chase Carey said that the championship is not going to abandon .Chase Carey "last year the German driver won in a German car, so this is a very important market for us. Of course, one of our goals is to have re on the German market. We're going to analyze how to best handle it.We do not yet have answers. I have already met with some representatives of , and, of course, we're talking about two tracks which in the past has received the of . But we are also considering other options. It is too early to make a precise statement.Our priority is USA. We have a great ship with in Austin, but we believe that we can add race and in urban environments. I'm talking about new York, Miami, Los Angeles or Las Vegas. It's the city that are best suited to conduct a week of events and attract people from all over the world. The race will remain the center event, but in General it will be more than just a weekend of ".



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