2017-05-18 14:04:03

Chapter Sauber We are ready to invite pilots McLaren

Head Moniz, Kaltenborn confirmed that her is ready to consider possibility of signing of s with the pilots, which will offer the following year.Moniz, Kaltenborn "In the end, it is the decision of the , and that is responsible for the good pilots. We made similar decisions in the past, discussing the composition of the . We always solved the main issues with a key .We took the pilot to his former supplier, because it was the right decision. We are open to such suggestions, because it really works.As for hip, I think that it is too early to talk about it, we just announced a deal with Honda, let's see how things will develop".Recall that the following year, the will become a customer of Honda. , apparently, will remain the main of the Japanese minders. In the past Honda has always promoted Japanese pilots through their client ru, Shinji Nakano, Takuma, Yuji IDE, Sakon Yamamoto.



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