2017-05-13 11:34:04

Daniel ricciardo I see the light

Pilot Riccardo on the results practices of in showed 6-th result.ricciardo "Today the car behaved strange. There was a time when the car just flew over the highway, and there was a time when he just didn't want to listen. Looks like we're still searching for your path with your upgrades.The car behaves quite well on the soft tyres, and that makes me happy. In addition, the solid formulations have worked well. I was very afraid for the tires Hard, but in practice it was quite simple.I see a step forward, see the light, but for normal combat leaders the needs to make more progress in working with the settings. We need to continue to develop its package of upgrades to understand its features and subtleties. I think that tonight the will be able to advance in the understanding of the machine, so tomorrow we are prepared to further reduce the backlog of leaders".



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