2017-05-13 14:34:04

Felipe Massa Bottas.

Pilot Massa thinks Valtteri bottas to need another win to gain a foothold in a top .Massa "I was happy when he won the race, and I came to congratulate him after the podium.To be honest, he had a very good race. We all know that he's at a difficult confrontation with Hamilton, and Lewis is now at the peak of his form. I see that Valtteri is quite able to compete with Lewis - it is quite possible, though difficult.To fight with Lewis, now is the best time. If he wins another race, you will be eligible to compete for the title. In the situation is clear will be there all season to plow into Vettel.If Valtteri didn't want to bring beverages to Hamilton, he urgently needed to change the situation another victory. Now is the crucial time".



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