2017-05-03 11:34:03

Niki Lauda Alonso nobody wants

Non-Executive Director of Niki Lauda said that does not need any of the top s, so he is in a difficult situation.Niki Lauda "He created a lot of problems the s, of which left. I don't think will want to get it, because he left with the . So it was with us in the days of -.We have pilots who are doing their job, so if we will win, with Hamilton and Bottas, we do not need to be replaced.Fernando fast, aggressive, he's the best. But, unfortunately, drivers sometimes are unable to prove that they are the best because of the decisions that they make, and Alonso made a lot of mistakes.He very early left and decided to go for the , but the problem with the development of Honda s were already known. Now he was very disappointed".



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