2017-06-23 12:04:03

Guido van der garde Verstappen need to calm down

Dutch ex-pilot of Guido van der garde has urged his compatriot max Verstappen to calm down and not to pay attention to the that he may go to another stable.Recall that the about the transition of the young Dutchman in the camp of in the season of 2018.Guido van der garde "For max it is too early to worry. Of course, as a pilot you always want to get the best car, but I think that of all the s, has made the most progress this year.And is also not standing still. I understand the frustration of max after the race in , but I still expect will be able to build a good car next year.Max needs to remember that gave him a chance in . His time will come. also knows that Max - supertalent, and in their interest to ensure that it is the best car in the shor time possible".



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