2017-06-07 10:14:03

Malone and Mateschitz held a secret meeting at the Formula 1

The owner of Dietrich Mateschitz recently met with the new owner of by John Malone.Malone-the billionaire from the USA, the owner of Liberty Media, which is considering the future of controversial rules on s.In recent days, of warned that if the current situation about the will be used after 2020, a company producing energy drinks will leave .paper Bild reports that Malone met with Dietrich Materiam, founder and owner of . It is believed that they agreed that in future the s will become cheaper, easier and louder. However, non-Executive Director of Niki Lauda disagree with this approach.Niki Lauda "We need to agree on a new future of . But the solution should be more efficient than what is offered to us".



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